Friday, April 22, 2005


I always have a thing for dark-haired men... And the ones with dimples would usually send me flying though the lust-clouds.

Eddie Cibrian

Too bad, my ExBF#4 didn't look like that. But he sure got the dimples that will send your heart flying.

At least, mine went poof on the night when we first chatted at the coffee shop in San Diego.

It's funny how I considered him an Ex-BF. - Especially that we didn't "DO" much when we dated. But appearently, Mr. Dimples has a lot of charm and lov

I remember when I first made my debut in the G-world, I have heard people talking about whose BF is dating whose EX, and the EX used to date the other Ex, who is currently dating this Guy. I mean, this 'food-chain' had once made me feel disgusted with the gay community.

But who knew - I became part of the 'food-chain' after Mr. Dimples and I decided that we are better off as friends.

The forbidden fairy tale unfold itself after I started to disguss my situation with ExBf#3. (The one with pretty panties)

"I didn't know that you and MOOKIE dated. If I knew, I would have warned you."

"What you mean?"

"Don't you know?"


"Mookie and I dated for a long time. We used to live together."


I totally didn't know that.

I totally didn't expect that.

I totally, was in shock.

But then again, nothing can really shock me after what happened between Mr. ExBF#3 and I.

I just have to accept the fact that *I* belong to a small circle of community... That chance of 'cross-breeding' do occur....

Wait, I'm suppose to be writing about dimples.

That's right.

And Eddie Cibrian is hot.

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