Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Chain-Ride Sickness

Weird. How come I kept on getting sick?

The hives went away, then came the flu.

And just when the flu is ready go bye bye, the rash came back.

I've been pretty drugged-up since January.

My, I wonder how long will this go on?

Gosh, I've been missing out on a lot of stuff...

First, Javano is in town with his BF, but I was having a fever that night - so, couldn't join them for dinner.

Then I was too pooped to join them at the BBQ...

I have gone out to hang with friends for coffee, but my head was filled with sinus, I didn't even know what exactly that we talked about.

I don't even remember what I did at work yesterday or what am I suppose to do today.

sh*t, this feeling sucks.

And yeah, because of the chain-sickness, I haven't gotten any hollah-hollah with Paw.

I mean, I'm even amazed that my cherry hasn't grown back for not having any hollah-hollah for so long.

Oh, did I menion that I have been drinking a lot of water? I have drank so much, that I may need to start taking those water-pills to reduce the water retention in my body.

And like, I missed blogging. I missed reading blogs. I missed sex.


Blogging is like Sex.

It's like, making love to your keyboard every day.

But it's not the whole physical aspect of love-making that I'm making reference here. I'm talking about the emotional level of sex.

Just a simple man-computer love making sex.

Wait, is it time for me to take my pills?

Okay, I'm going nuts.

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