Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Not an Ice Princess

Thanks to the lovely Snow Blizzard Storm - that the streets of New York are once again, covered with slush. (Slush = Mixture of Snow and Water - Kinda like one of those Taiwanese Shaved Ice thingy)

Influenced by the female love bird, that I developed the habit of watching the Weather Channel every morning before I head to work. (Know, before You Go)

And of course I was prepared to go to work. I had my thick coat, scarf and my lovely fabulous boots. (As suggested by the Weather Channel, boots are a must for the crazy weather.)

So, in the middle of the working day, though my manager's window, I witnessed the snow flake falling... Then the snow flake turned into zillions of white puffs... Then became the blizzard.

***later in the day***

Due to some personal issue (TAX RETURNS DAMN IT), instead of going directly back home, I had to take the train to Flushing, Queens.

As soon as I stepped out of the Train... Directly step onto the snow-covered platform...

I slipped.

But instead of landing on my ass, I was able to maintain my balance. (Or else I will have to write something similar to Dr. P's letter to Mother Earth)



Without holding back the traffic, I continued onward to the streets, waking, sliding, jumping, climbing, crawling - anything, to made my way to my accountant's office without getting my ass wet.

I was not having the time of my life. I was so Not-Michelle Kwan-que.

Several times, I would be sliding off the road, yet, managed to balance myself and keep both of my feet on the ground. I even heard a Chinese lady gasping after she saw me slipping... yet gasped again after I 'bounced' myself back in place.

Finally, I made it to the office.

Once inside of the double door, I lift my right foot up and look at the bottom of my boot.

FLAT as an Iron. (Or my ass after sitting at my desk for 8 hours)

I have wore this pair of boots so many times - that the bottom 'teeth' have long been rubbed off.

Gotta bring them to the shoeman this weekend.

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