Monday, November 08, 2004


Okay, please forgive me. I was totally going to link someone's entry regarding the Phoenix here (Pua, do you remember that entry?)... But, like always, my brain has never really functioned well.

The main feature of the phoenix is that it is reborn through fire: when it gets old it will make a nest (sometimes of myrrh) and set it on fire. The phoenix will be consumed in the flames, but will be reborn out of the ashes.

The myth has always been fascinating. It's like, a type of reincarnation.

So, the day after I got my cast off (Yes. My foot smelled horrible. ARGH! Yack! I scrubbed it like crazy with antibacterial soap), I went clubbing with my friends. (Oh, come on, I've gotta re-fill my flames after being down for weeks!) Like the phoenix rose from fire, I felt alive.... In a way. I was still able to dance, despite the pain around my ankle. (I know, I'm hardcore...)


I think I just had a brain fart... I totally forgot what else I was going to write.... Uh...

Do you know it's the Jellyfish season?

Earlier, I went to the South Seaport, and as I walked by the Pier... I saw a bunch of Purple-ish Jellyfish floating around the surface of the ocean.

Hrm, I wonder if they taste good...

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