Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Down the Throat

I felt my body tense up.

I could even feel the heat below my nose.

It was warm.

Very Warm.

I wasn't sure if I should breath at that point.

Of course, I couldn't breath with my mouth.

Not unless I want to swallow it all.

I extended my tongue forward.

It was salty, and a bit sllimy.

I drew my tongue back.

But I couldn't resist it, I had to extended it back out again.

I wanted it.

I wanted more.

It actually tasted quite good. In a way.

A little too salty though.

Then... I felt it.

My heart was throbbing.

The grip of my hand got firmer.

I could feel it coming closer.

My lips parted wider as the it all came running down into my mouth.

I swallowed.

I swalled it all.


Too Salty.

And it was over.

I lowered my hand... Let out a sigh.

"Mag, this is too salty. We need bigger cups." I said.

Mag: "Use two cups."

"I'll bring my own cup. It's bigger."

Mag: "That works. Wanna try the Chicken Noodle Soup?"

"Nah. I have enough soup for the day."

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