Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall...

Mirror Mirror On the Wall...

Who the heck is that?!

Oh, that's right.


I almost couldn't recognize myself in the mirror this morning. It wasn't the fog caused by my morning shower.

The love birds, had problem recognizing me yesterday as well. The two of them, waking side by side, down the street.

Oh wait, my Mom was with them as well.

Okay, so three of them, walking together, down the street.

I walked toward them, and waved.

The female love bird seemed if she didn't see me at all.

He, the male love bird, starred at me with his mouth opened.

My mom, looked at me... And after few seconds... She burst out laughing.

"AIYO!!!! Look at you!!!!"

The female love bird pointed at me.


The male love bird had a rather strange expression on his face.

"Wayne, Oh, uh, you look good."

"What Happened?"

"Who cut your hair?"

Oh, that's right... I had a haircut yesterday...

I would never expect "Cut my hair a little shorter" would end up being totally buzzed. The hair dresser, didn't seem to notice how upset I was, when I got up from the chair. But what can I do? It has been done already.

Perhaps, it's my fate to walk around like a navy guy for two weeks.


Tears have dried. Heartache had healed.

I have been drinking the nasty tasting Chinese Hair Enhancer Tea (Ingredients: Root of Tuber Fleece flower, Lucid Ganoderma & Jilin Ginseng Root) since the hair cut. And Green Tea as well. On top of that, I also shampoo my (lack of) hair with Herbal Hair-Loss Shampoo and massage my scalp with circulation motions.

I wonder, how fast my hair will grow before this Saturday. What possibly more can I do?!

I don't even know if I would have the guts to show up at Therapy to meet Tuna Girl and the gang.

I can't possibly go with hair like this.

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