Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Lack Of...

Comb: "Wayne, why didn't you use me this morning?"

Wayne: "Use you on What?" *points his head*

Comb: "Oh, that's right."

Brush: "Wayne, use me!"

Wayne: "What would be the point?"

Brush: "Well... Even though there are not much to brush, but you can always use me to massage your scalp."

Wayne picked up the brush, and massaged his scalp gently.

Hair Gel: "Wayne, care for the SPIKED style?"

Wayne: "...Spike WHAT?"

Hair Gel: "Oh, sorry. You are right. The hair is not long enough."

Hair Spray: "Well.. You can..."

Wayne: "Don't even bother."

Hair Spray: "......................"

It's weird. I can't really say that I talk to myself... But sometimes, I would like "talk" for objects around me.

Oh, not out loud... In my head, of course. (The male love bird talks to himself all the time, totally freaks me out)

"Okay, anyone have any idea on how to make my hair grow faster by Friday?"

At first, people at work would try to calm me, by saying that my hair doesn't look that bad... And curses the barber who ruined my hair... Then they started to brain storm on how to put off my misery.

Mag, suggested that I should rub raw Ginger on my scalp, to simulate the roots.

Karmen suggested that I take Biotin tablets and rub Olive Oil on my (lack of) hair.

A lot of them recommand wearing a Hat... But I'm not really a hat person.

Then some guy, from the other department, suggested that I could paint my scalp black. (With Magic Markers... That's EVIL)

One thing lead to another. At the end, everyone agreed that the Spray-On-Hair is the best solution.

Pffft, like I would clog my previous pores with chemicals.

What a great way to do at lunch time, discussing my hair.


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