Friday, November 26, 2004


It all started when an old lady stepped onto the train.

Perhaps in her late 50's. The old lady first made her entrance by saying out loud..."Let them come out first. Let them come out first."

Of course she meant the passengers who were getting off at the stop. Despite her pleading voice, people would still rush into the train. Chest bumping against chest, they managed to squeeze though the existing passengers into the train.

With two big plastic bags in her hands, she walked though the door. Though the thin glasses lenses, her sky blue eyes made a quick scan for available seats.

There weren't any.

It was the Holiday season, everyone were dying to get home. No one really gave a damn about her, being old and both hands tight with the bags.

The old lady kicked her bag forward as she moves her body toward the metal pole.

Eyes were on her. We were all paying attention to her every move.

I would totally offer her my seat... If I have any to offer. But I was holding onto a pole myself.


Someone behind me yelled.




Red faced. A man in his late 30s stood closely to the open door. Apparently, there wasn’t enough room in the cart of his body.


Maybe it's human nature, that we tend stay near the exit. Everyone who came into the train remained near the entrance. Only few people actually walked and moved to the middle of the cart.

"MOVE IN!!!" The man at the door shouted.

Another gentleman in his raincoat, yelled.

"WHY Don't you WAIT for the NEXT Train?"

At least, from my angle (I was standing in the middle section) - there were enough room for everyone to move. But apparently, the man in the raincoat prefers to stay close to his sitting friend that he refused to move.


"F**K YOU"

Finally, the man at the door pushed his body toward the crowd just before the door closed behind him. He made it. But the shouting continued.

The old lady placed one bag next to her knees, and hold onto the other with her hand. Then, shortly after the train started to move... She took a step forward... To maintain her balance.

People watched her as she saved herself from falling.

A woman in brown suit pretended that she was busy reading the advertisements.
Next to her, sat a boy (probably 13 years old). In front of him, was a big traveling bag. He made some hand gesture to the girl sitting across from him.

Give your seat to her. I think he signaled.

The girl (10?) shook her head. And whispered something.

The boy, said something back.

The girl looked away.

Next to the girl, sat a young lady in her early 20s. Was deeply drowned in her own Walkman world. Her head moved along with the music coming out from the headset. She tapped her foot along with the beat.

The old lady looked at the people sitting down, as if, she was expecting someone would stand up and offer the seat.

Lady, this is New York, okay? Explained the silence and lack of acknowledgement.

She was on her own.

The train started to decrease its speed. It was approaching the next stop.

She leaned forward, grabbing the handle of one of her bags... Pulling it closer to her to make room for people to walk pass her.

But she was slow. A bit too slow for the train.

The train stopped before she even get to touch her bag. She continued to reach forward.

Then the walkman girl, stood up, and walk straight though the tiny opening between the old lady's arm and her bag.

"AHHHhhhh!" said the old lady.

Surprised. Or rather, shocked.

The walkman girl, perhaps, had the volume on full blast. Walked out as if she never noticed the old lady from the beginning.

Everyone remained on the train, looked at her in silence.

"F**K YOU A$$HOLD!!" shouted the red-faced man as he exited the train though the rear door.

Someone sighted.

Then the door closed... And the old lady, sat on the open seat, right next to the little girl.

The girl made a strange face at her brother. He hand gestured something. Then she giggled.

"We exit the next stop." He said.

The girl, stood up all of the sudden, thought he meant that they are getting off now.
But soon she realized that the train was still traveling.

So, she sat down.

The old lady, turned to her...

"Getting off the next stop?"

The little girl looked at her, then turned her head away.

She giggled.

She looked at her brother.

Her brother, made some circles with his finger, while pointing at his head.

She's Crazy. He meant.

The girl, copying the old lady's voice...said to her brother..."Getting off the next stop?"

He giggled.

Brats. Damn Brats. I thought.

The old lady, looked down at her bags, let out a sight.

And I felt sad. I felt really sad.

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