Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Me and My Leg IV: Books

During the week when I took days off work, I spent a great deal of time sitting in my bed, reading books. The medication made me feel lazy. I didn't want to move my leg at all. So, staying in bed was the best solution... (I did get up to pee though)

Me, reading a book, that’s very rare. Since I was never born as a book worm, and never had the patience to read a book from the beginning - to the end. But I do have a bat habit... I tend to buy books with pretty covers.

Finally, I had time to read though some books that have been sitting on my book shelf collecting dust... And it was a total treat. I've always been a fan of Piers Anthony and his Xanth series. Its strange how I first was introduced to his books though a computer game. (Yep. I'm a computer game geek!) --- So I finished reading Harpy Thyme and Geis of the Gargoyle.

I must have forgotten how wonderful it is, to have my nose totally stuck in the book, and let my imagination paint the book in my head. After finishing a book, the feeling was great. It felt like that I've completed watching an entire season DVD collection of a TV show

I fell in love with the books again.

So I ordered this book online:

After I ordered it, half.com displayed all other books of the similar genre that may catch my interests. Then I saw a bunch of book covers featuring Fabio-que top-less men holding various pretty women.

Okay, so it's a FANTASY ROMANCE Novel. (Eeeek, I've never read anything like that)

And I bought it because I like the cover. (I mean, how can you not look at how dazzling handsome that Forest Lord is?!)

Gosh, I'm helpless...

I'm not sure if I will read it... But having it near my book shelf (next to my pillow), would definitely help me sleep better.

(Wait, Romance novel, so, there will be plenty of sex scenes, right? Okay, I'm going to read it then!!! Wait, isn't Forest Lord some kind of Forest Spirit? Does that mean, it'd would be like having sex with The Green Giant?!)

Oh, oh yeah, I'm suppose to talk about my foot. Uh, yeah, I can walk with 1 crutch now. But very slow...

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