Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Me and My Leg 1: Nice People

One thing about walking on crutches on the street of New York is that it makes absolutely no difference if I had never broke my ankle.

People still go pass you and squeeze you out of his or her way during the rush hour. They would look at you, and pretend that the crutches were invisible.

They don't give a damn.

And I don't give a sh*t. (That's right, with all those pain killers I have been taken, I hardly use the toilet... Now that I stopped taking them, everything flows out smoothly)

This morning, the female love bird and I hopped onto the Train (LIRR). It was packed. I turned my head and look at the section specially dedicated for People with disability (It's a new train, so, there are rooms to fit 5 wheel chairs with fold chairs). Two young women, in their mid 20's scanned me at the corner of their eyes, and then resumed their conversation. A man, in his late 30's, raised his head, saw me, and return to read his newspaper. An Asian lady, sitting at the end of the folding chair, looked straight forward, as if; she was busy meditation with open eyes.
Just before I was about to lean my body against the side of the door, and OLD lady stood up from her chair (also part of the Disability section) and offered her seat.

"Here, have a seat."

She was carrying a lot of bags and books in her hand. It seems she needed the seat more than me.

"No, it is okay. I'm alright." I replied.

"Please. Take the seat. This seat is designated for people like you. Please sit down."

The female love bird whispered from behind..."Wayne, just take it. She already stood up... Don't make her wait."

I smiled at the old lady, and told her how grateful I was.

She smiled back, and then squeezed herself between the two talking chicks and the Asian lady.

I was upset that some people are so inconsiderate. And the least expected person would beam me with the light of kindness.


At the subway station, SQUEEZING though the people, the female love bird and I managed to get onto the [2] train. I stepped in and saw a bunch of eyes looking at my direction. They were looking at me, but none of the moved. Right at the moment I grabbed onto the pole at the center of the cabin. A man, probably around 28 years old (5'11, around 150lbs, very lean body. Hazel eyes, shoulder length dark brown hair, got some stash, in blue jeans and checker shirt... A dark blue sport jacket covered his shoulders and a big backpack in his hand; I won't say he's a super model type of guy, but good enough to get some smooches from me.), stood up and nodded at me.


"Thank you, thank you very much." I said.

I sat down.

The female love bird stood near me.

After a few more stops, the seat next to me became available. The 28 years old man extended his arm and signaled my sister that she could take the seat.

She smiled..."No thank you. I'm fine."

He nodded and then sat down next to me. (Oh baby)

The female love bird said to me in Mandarin... "That guy is pretty nice. That's so rare."

"There are still some butterflies among the roaches." I said.

"What the heck are you talking about?"

"Never mind."

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