Friday, October 08, 2004

Me and My Leg 3: Offering

A gentleman around his late 30's offered his seat soon after I entered the [2] train this morning. Around him, sat many other people in their work attire. They all saw me, but remained motionless. They simply looked away.

"Thank you, very much!"

Heartless, damn it. Heartless! I cursed inside my head as I sat down. (It wasn't even the disability seat... The real disability seats were taken by cold blooded morons)

Among 30+ people in the train, only ONE person *really* noticed MY disability.

The irony is, there were posters all over the place with "STAND UP, for people with disability" written all over the place.

Thus, reminded me yesterday's encounter with a woman, who offered me her seat...

The female love bird and I were heading to the Brooklyn LIRR station... So, we took the south-bound [3] train. The train was packed with people, like always, especially during the rush hour.

I hoped. I hoped. And I hopped more.

I was able to grab onto the pole, and lead my body against it. Right under my arms, sat a woman in her light-brown jacket and black pants. I stood on one foot, saw her took a quick glance at me. I glanced back. She turned her head forward, and looked as if she was having a 'deep-thought' moment. (Or blank-out, whatever you call it)

At the 4th stop, she suddenly stood up and looks at me.

"Oh, do you need to sit down? Please, have a seat."

"No thank you. I'm getting off at the next stop." I replied.


Then she walked out of the train with her healthy legs.

WHAT A B*TCH. Came up to my mind instantly. (I guess I was cranky that afternoon)

If she really wanted to offer the seat to me out of her own kindness toward the people with crutches, she would have offered the seat when I first stepped on the cart. And when she didn't need the seat anymore, she offered the seat like an act of kindness.

Compare her to the people who didn't give a damn about my leg though out the entire ride, she was worst. I don't need anyone to warm up the seat before offering it to me. I have my own warm ass, thank you. I rather see her stood up, and walked out at her stop without saying anything.

It felt like... You received a Birthday present sent from your grandma, and after you opened up the wrapper, you found a broken toy robot that was once own by your cousin.

I may look like a second-handed whore, but I'm a harlot with the heart of Gold. Damn it!

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