Thursday, October 28, 2004

In which He sat there for a long time

Gosh, the title of this entry sounds like one of his creations. But anyway... I have been feeling rather spaced-out lately. Been some what more devoted to my job... (near the end of the year, lots of things to do!) Whenever I removed my focus my attention away from the computer, I spaced-out.

Couldn't speak with proper grammar.
Couldn't stop mumbling.
Couldn’t stop forgetting what I was going to say next.

Okay, so I blame my crutches. I used a lot of energy when I walk with my crutches. Usually, at the beginning of the week, I'd be perfectly fine. But my energy didn't have the chance to recover to face the next day. (What? Why did I go to bed early? Well, it is impossible for me to remain calm and settle when Paw shows up - Oh, I'll blog about it later)

But heck yeah, I haven't had much brain juice to focus on blogging... And reading your blog as well. So, I've got lots to catch up.

Yesterday, as I was on the train back home, I saw a gentleman (Oh baby, what a fine piece of New York Steak with Black Pepper Sauce he was!) sitting across my seat. From the reflection of the window, I saw his face, motionless... Starring at whatever was in front of him.

He was probably spaced-out.
Rather, blanked-out.
Perhaps, was thinking about something?

His navy-blue eyes, pierced through my chest, and increased the pumps of my heart. Feeling the extra blood flow in my body, I quickly felt a need to cover my crotch area with my coat. I just couldn't allow any other passengers to see my sudden rise of the harden treasure. His broad shoulder and his clean shaved masculine chin, gave him the rough edge look. He has that angelic face that made my soul melt like butter. Yet, below that deep sea of softness, he has a body of Ares. The God of War. His muscular arm would send me to ecstasy as he wrapped it around my waist, as we ride toward the Sunset in his mighty golden chariot.
Wait, what the fu*k am I talking about? (Oh yeah, I'm half-way though The Forest Lord!)


Anyway, I saw the man sitting there, lost in his little world. Thus reminded me of someone that I saw during my College year.

1999, I believe, was the year that I saw him at the mall (University Town Center). I went to UTC because I was bored. I was freaken bored. So I took my sweet time at the mall, did a lot of eye-shopping in and out of the stores... Then finally, I went and got myself something to suck on.

I sat at a table that faces the most crowded section of the mall.

People watching.

Then, someone caught my erection attention. He was wearing a very clean, white, and wrinkle-free Navy uniform. The crew cut and badges furthered proved that he wasn't celebrating Halloween early.
Sitting, and his back leaned against the chair; he sat there with both of his feet planted on the ground.

Fresh cut red roses wrapped in light-green sheer plastic lay across where his hands rest.

He was waiting for someone. Perhaps, a date.

I took a quick glance at him. His face was motion-less. His blue eyes, however, were moving around, scanning the people walking in front of him.

Not even a crack of smile, I noticed. He must have been waited for a long time.

On such a lovely sunny Saturday, the mall was filled with joy and laugher. But out at the Food Court patio, quietness surrounded the Navy man.

There was certain awkwardness around him.

As if, no one sat near him. (Including myself. I sat 26 feet away from him)

He waited and waited. And I ate and ate.

Even after I finish eating, he was still sitting alone with the roses.

Such a handsome gentleman, who would have the heart to let him wait? I thought.

And those roses look expensive!

So, I went bought some Gummi Peach Rings from the Sweet Factory, and sat at another chair, and waited with him.

Still, the girl didn't show up.

I continued to chew on the Gummy Rings, until the bag ran out. I looked up to see the Navy Man.

He looked disappointed. But his eyes were still scanning the people walking in the mall.

She flaked out on him? Is this a blind date?

I looked at my watch, and realized that I have been sitting at the food court for more than 40 minutes.

Did he met her online? Is she embarrassed to approach him because he's wearing his uniform?

I stood up, picked up my food tray and the trash, and dumped them into the trash. Just as I begin to walk toward the GAP store, I took another glance at the Navy Man.
He seemed so lonely.

What kind of a girl would let such fine stud down like this?

A man with patience is very difficult to find. Even I, 40 minutes seemed to be the maximum 'waiting time' for a date.

I let out a sigh, then walked away.

(Sometimes, I still wonder what became of the Navy Man and his roses.)

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