Friday, October 29, 2004

The Box

I got the package that Pero sent via FedEx. The box that I stored at his house during my second trip back to California after I moved to New York.

The Box filled with magical things. It's the same box that freaked my parents out during my first year in New York.

I can still recall our cell-phone conversation...

"Wayne! How come you have women's clothes in your room?!"

"What are you talking about?"

"The box in your closet!"

"Oh, Uh, those belong to Chako."

This totally ruined my mood for the night. No matter how hard Janet danced on stage, I just couldn't get my mood to enjoy the concert.

Couple months after, I went back to California, and took the box down to San Diego, and ask Pero to hide it for me.

This year, before the leg accident, friends and I planned to dress up for Halloween.
In DRAG of course. So, I asked Pero to send me the box where I stock my past dress-up gadgets. One thing, is that my friends could use some of the make-ups (I got them from 99 cents store) so they don't have to spent more money. The other, is that I needed the black boots in order to be ANY thing.

Why the black boots, you wonder. Well, I'm a hairy guy. And I have no desire of shaving my masculine legs. The tall boots will definitely cover a good portion of my legs.

Sitting here at my desk (yeah, the box is here at WORK), I did my inventory check of all the items in there.

Just right after I pull out the first layer of covering, sparks of glitters burst out.


Right, I forgot that I had use a lot of glitter gels in the past, when I did the Halloween dress-ups. (I thought that they would cover up my hairy arms)

The bag with wigs showed up first. I had three wigs. Black, Brown and Curl Blonde. The brown one was the $6.00 cheap toy wigs that I got at a drug store. It was the first wig I ever wore, and I used it to dress up as Lara Croft on Halloween 1998. Then, the Blonde Wig was the one I used for Mariah Scary (Halloween 1999). The black one, well, I got it for a discounted price. I used it for my Jennifer Ass performance back in 2000(UCSD Drag Show).

I couldn't believe it has been that long.

I reached for the silver shimmering fabric that was once a skin-tight Mini-Skirt around my thigh. I couldn't believe how skinny I was back then. Now this little skirt can barely wrap its way around my left thigh.

I folded it along with the bra-top and place them in separate bag.

Then I reached for the thin, almost sheer pink lace bra. Back then, it took me two days, to finally found what I needed to complete the Mariah look. (I got it from a Salvation Army store. It was originally a sexy-sleep wear, but I cut the bottom half off) . Funny how this tiny fragile-looking thing was able to hold two water balloons.

Under it, was a pair of black dress-gloves that I bought at a 2nd-hand clothing store. (It is the one that goes all the way up to your elbow. I got it after I found out the glitters couldn't hide my thick dark-rooted manly arm fur)

I flipped though the box, and found more familiar items. Packets of sample size foundations, a wig-net, two toy guns, pink tank-top, glitter hair-sprays, black pantyhose, butterfly hair clips and a vinyl mini-skirt.

Damn, I was a flaming screaming Queen!

On the bottom of the box, were the boots. And next to them, sat a green box.

My Make-up kit. That's right. I *have* a make-up kit.

The first thing that greeted me after I open the lid was...

Elvira Glitter Make-up Gel.

Oh Gawd.

I threw it away. (All Dried UP. Of course. It's 4 years old!!)

Then I found two bottles of 99 cents liquid foundations, lots of hair clips, blue and red blush, dreamy baby-blue eye shadows, silver nail polish, sample-size lip sticks of various shades, cheap a$$ bracelets, and more butterfly clips.

I must have been incredibly gay.

And I planned to buy red eye shadows too. So I could dress up as Red-Hot Mama Britney from her Toxic video this year.

But fate took an interest turn on me. I ended up with a blue cast on my foot. And I've decided not to join my friends in dressing up for Halloween. (I couldn't bare watching the two legged them marching down the parade with a bunch of faries... While I drag my poor self down the street)

I hope next year, some new Pop Princess will release a slutty music video wearing black tights. So I can put the man-tights that I ordered to use.

After I pack all the stuff in plastic bags, I threw all of them in the box and shovel it under my desk.

I guess I'll have to take a bag a day home.

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