Thursday, August 28, 2003

Drag-A-Venature I: Introducing Mariah Scary

The year is 1999. When I was still living in San Diego, attending college. (As you can see, I have done some crazy wild stuff during that time of my life.)

At that time, Mariah Carey’s Heartbreaker” was a big hit on the radio. So, on that Halloween, I dressed up as the Good Mariah, while Duckie dressed up as Bianca, the dark-haired evil Mariah from the music video. My other friend, Danni, who’s boyfriend dislike the idea of his ‘hubby’ dressing up as a woman, threaten to breakup.. So, Danni didn’t dress up and stayed at home.

Let me discuss the process of making Mariah and Bianca. First of all, we have never done drag before. We’ve just thought that it’d be great idea to try something different on Halloween for a change. I have been a Cowboy, Karate Kid, Dead body, Karate Kid II, Cowboy with Lasso, Karate Kid III and a bag of garbage in the past. Duckie had went from Aladdin to Aladdin and to Aladdin in the past couple years.

It was our time to shine. It was our time to use the famous glitter and pearl-surface nail polish.

Yes. It was the time for us to become butterflies. Spread our wings and inject horror graphic images into people’s memory.

Wigs are not cheap, let me tell you. We wanted to look good, but the cheap wigs that are sold at local drug stores looked like crap. It will totally made us look like trash.

So, I did extensive research on where to purchase cheap or used wigs… Then finally, in North Park, we located a cheap wig store.

I bought a blond wig, that I can use for good Mariah. While Duckie picked up a Cleopatra styled black wig.
They were perfect. A bit expensive, but when it comes to looking good… We were willing to spend a little more.

So, we’ve got the wig, I’ve bought a bunch loads of make-ups from the 99 cents store (Maybe this is why, now days, I look older than my age), and GLITTER gels.

Customs was a pain. Since there are not a lot of women dresses that will fit our masculine body frame, and also matches the ones that were used in Mariah’s video. We’ve gone from stores after stores, searching for that perfect dress. I even felt like, I was re-living the days before my prom night… But this time, I was looking in the women’s section.

Then miracle happened.

Duckie: “Wayne.”

Wayne: “Yeah?”

Duckie: “You know, I can make clothes.”

Wayne: “What?”

Duckie: “Why don’t we go buy the fabrics, then I’ll make the customs.”

I have never knew Duckie has that talent… So, we went to a fabric store near his house and found what he can use for his custom. (Oh, I found my custom already. Since Mariah wasn’t wearing much in the video, all I needed was a pink bra-top. I found it at Sears.)

Duckie magically made a red mini oriental patterned skirt along with a matching purse he made using the left-over fabrics.

I stuffed my pink bra-top with water balloon (I gotta be bouncy), while Duckie used his socks.

Our makeup session was more of a joke. Instead of making ourselves drop dead gorgeous, we ended up looking like walking zombies. But heck, we didn’t want to waste anytime.

I put on my pink sandals.

He put on his black high heels.

And we went out. Exposing our bodies to the public.

Wondering on the street of Hillcrest, San Diego was fun. People were surprised to see Duckie and I holding hands, jiggling down the street like one of those two-for-the-price-of-one suckie suckie deals. A couple of lesbian friends that I know from school saw me.





I grinned, sat my ass on the edge of the coffee table, and struck my right finger into my mouth….

“It’s the magic of Halloween”

I gave them a wink, then wondered off with Duckie. For the people who knows us, they were all shocked by our dazzling combo. We posed, we danced. We giggles and we bend over against the parking meters on the streets, showing off our asses to the cars on the street. We were the two pixies among the monsters that crawl and dominate the streets on Halloween.

It was great.

We managed to catch a “Boy Scout” near the end of the night.

(Duckie didn’t want to expose his handsome face to the internet horn-dogs, so, I made him a bitch-face for this picture.)

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