Thursday, September 23, 2004

So She Screamed

As planned, after work, I would head to Chinatown, to get the DVDs that I have wanted to get last week. And before that, I actually had to meet my 6:00Pm appointment, of getting tested. (Not that I have no faith in Paw or anything, but it has pretty much become my 3-6 months routine. Since the testing is free, I got nothing to loose.)

I got off work a bit early, considered that it had been a very slow day. Carrying my trusty Duane Reade bag (with my suit pants and shirt - I changed into a more casual look), I walked toward the [4] & [5] subway entrance.

That's the way to Chinatown, from work. I have to take either the [4] or the [5] train, and then connect to the [6] at Brooklyn Bridge.

The weather was amazing. Not too hot, and not too cold. It was just the right temperature for a nice walk in the city. In a dazzling looking new blue Old Navy shirt, and my navy blue Old Navy jeans, I walked down the stairs with ease. Just me and my bags.

Automatically, I pull out of my metro card and slide it though the card-reader.


I walked though the passage, and started to look for eye candies that will keep my mind busy, while waiting for the arrival of the train.


But I didn't have to wait too long, before the [5] train opened its doors for me.

It wasn't as crowded as I expect it to bed. Consider that it was after-work rush hour. However, that quickly changed as more people came into the train with every stop.

"Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall"

That's my stop! For some reason, people didn't seem to let me out of the train before they rush though the door.

Me and My bags, we were up chest-to-chest against the incoming traffic. There were a lot of people...

"Excuse me. I need to get off at this station."

"Excuse me."

I brushed against someone.

"Excuse me."

I pushed against someone.

"Excuse me!"

I had to grab and pull onto my bag out of the many butts in the train.

Just was I was close to the exit, I felt a sudden push behind me.

The push helped me out of the train just as the door shut tight behind my back.

Then, I heard a woman screaming.

"OH MY GOD!!!"

I looked up, and saw a woman in her early 40's, came running toward me. Behind her, a man was following her.

Then I felt a sharp pain on my left knee... I looked down, just to find that my entire left leg in the gap between the train and the platform. Upon instinct, I used both of my arms to pull my body back... Pulling my leg out of the gap...

"STOP STOP! STOP!!!" The man behind the woman yelled, as he banged his fist on the windows of the train.

Just as I got my left leg out of the gap, I felt the grip of the woman on my right shoulder.

She too, was pulling me.

I turned to her...."Thank you... Thank you very much..."

The Lady: "Are you okay?"

"I... I think so...."


I turned my head back at the train... People were watching me.

I looked back.

Then the door closed.... And the train went on its way.

Still sitting on my A$$, I reached for my right foot. The one that didn't fell into the gap... Instead, as my left leg was falling into the gap, my body was landing on my right foot. I ended up sitting on my right foot while my left was dangling in the darkness below.

After a brief numbness, a sharp pain rushed though from the bottom of my right foot to my thigh.

I couldn't move my right foot.

I moaned.

The Lady: "Are you hurt? Are you okay?"

"A little bit, I think... My foot..."

As I was lowering my sock, to see if there were any damages to my foot.... I noticed that the people who stopped to watch the incident, started to walk away. (Including the lady)

I rolled my pants up, to check on my left leg... And I saw some red marks (not blood) on the inner thigh. Bruises, I'd expect them to show up on the next day.

My right foot didn't feel well at all. I couldn't stand up... I had to drag myself to the nearest wood bench, and pulled myself onto the seat.

I was breathing heavily. Tried to recover and recall what happened.

Then I look at my watch..."5:15".... I waited for a little bit, before the [6] train arrived at the opposite side of the platform.

Slowly, I baby-stepped myself into the train and sat myself on the seat.


I have never twisted my foot THIS bad.

Then the next stop arrived.

I slowly, walked out of the train and mini-stepped my way up the stair.

Then, that was when I realized that I got out too early. I should have gotten out at the NEXT stop.

Oh well, I didn't want to be late. So I slowly walked though the street fair at Little Italy, and asked for directions.

I had to shift my weight to the left side of my body, because whenever I apply force on my right foot, the pain sent me screaming.

Finally, after a couple of blocks, I made my way to the APICHA office. Slowly, I dragged my body to the front desk.

"I'm here for testing."

"Have a seat."

I sat down, and waited for the counselor.

"Hi... OH MY GOSH, what HAPPENED TO YOU?" The counselor said to me, as she saw me walking to the water fountain.

I described what happened...

"You need to get you foot treated fast."

"Let's take the test first. Then I'll look for some Chinese herbalist around the corner."


Since it was not the first time I visited the clique, the entire process was fast.

"Elevated your foot" She pulled a chair to me.

After the nurse drew blood from my arm, I waited 20 minutes out in the main lobby. (For the rapid test, 20 minutes is the required time for the result to show.) Then I got my result, I thanked the counselor, and said my good byes.

With the speed slower than a Grandma, I drag myself toward the Record Store (6 blocks away)... After all, it was my main purpose of coming to Chinatown that day. I need to get the DVDs.

Half way, I thought of calling for some assistance. Since, after I got the DVDs, it would cost too much to take Taxi to the Penn Station. Plus, doing down the stairs at Penn Station would be a nightmare for my foot.

I'll call Paw, I thought. By the time he arrived at Chinatown, I should have already gotten the DVDs.

I called..... Answering machine.

Then I called Again..... Answering Machine.

And again.... Answering Machine...

"Hi Paw, this is Wayne, uh, call me back when you got this message. I need your help."

I thought of the Love Birds... But since they were on a date... I decided not to disturb them.

So, I continued my journey to the Record Store.

Before crossing the street, I got a missed call from the every-sounded-so-sexy Sushil.

I called back, and shared my drama with him.

Isn't it amazing, that sometimes, people would call at the right time, the right moment. As if, they knew something had happened to me. (SUSHIL!! MUAH MUAH MUAH!!!)

I walked in, everyone were peeking at me, because of the way I limp my body though the racks of CDs. Then I got the DVDs... Paid for them at the front counter... And limped out of the front door...

And that was it. My motivation for walking has been accomplished. I leaned my body against the wall.... And picked up the phone.

Fanny? Nah... I shouldn't trouble him.

Then I decided to ruin the Love Bird’s date.


"It's your Brother."

"HI Wayne."

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing. Just hanging out with him."

"Oh, uh, I need help."

"What happened?!"

"I fell in gap between the train and the platform."

"Are you okay?"

"Uh, I think I need to go to the Hospital, at least, get an X-ray taken. I injured my right foot pretty bad."

"Where are you right now?"


"Chinatown?! Where in Chinatown?" (She sounded surprised. Because usually at this hour, I'd be home already)

"Between the Record Store and the Chinese Herb store."

"Wait there, don't go any where, we'll be right there!!"

After 35 minutes (they were in Uptown), they came, and took me to the NYU Downtown Hospital Emergency Room. I was so afraid to tell them the truth, that I got injured 2 hours ago, because I didn't want them to know that I was getting the blood test. So, I lied.

Male Love Bird: "And walked an hour from Spring Street to the Record Store? Are you crazy? You should have stayed at the station, and wait for help!!"

I nodded my head.

"And call us immediately! You shouldn't have waited!"

I nodded.

It took me another 40 minutes, to fill out forms, my insurance stuff, and paid the ER fee before I finally got the X-ray done on my right foot, and then was later treated by the nicest Doctor ever.

The Doctor: "You broke your ankle."

The Male Love Bird and I jumped. "WHAT?!"


So, here I am, sitting at home, with a nicely splinted foot elevated on top of a box, and my crutches on my side.

First came the flu, now this. I have used more sick days than everyone else in the department.

*sigh* I can't wait to get my cast tomorrow.

Lesson Learned:

1) Don't move, Stay at where the injury happened. Call and wait for help.
2) Should have gotten down the names and contact info from the witnesses.
3) Fill out a Police Report. Just in case you want to sue the city.

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