Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Picture

The picture above was taken, during my trip to San Diego (CA) earlier this year. It was at a Japanese Restaurant that I've been to many times... For 5 years... It was not until 3 years that I left San Diego... That I finally noticed it.

I find it amazing-ly amusing... Cats, eating Sushi... Cute Cute Cute Cute Cute.

Have you ever seen anything that's interesting, fun, or weird in a Japanese Restaurant?

As many of you guys have heard, that New York City (especially the financial district) are in condition ORANGE. There are police men all over the place... The Building that I work at, is surrounded by police cars. There's definately a tention here and there. But life goes on... And my BOSS had returned from his vacation... So, things have been very busy... Please forgive me for being a "slacker" in posting new entries. But I promise, there will be new entries this week... If not, I'll post my nude pictures.

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