Friday, July 30, 2004

Treasure Troll

I got this off Josh's blog. I think it's probably one of the most interesting sites that I've seen...

But anyway, let's get down to business.

Have any of you know what a Treasure Troll is? Well, Personally, I was never a fan of those weird-looking toys. They may be cute, to certain people, but they scared the heck out of me when I was young.

2 weeks ago, for being a color-freak that my inner-self claim to be, I dyed my hair using Feria Multi-Color-Shimmering-Ding-Dong Hair Color (Crushed Garnet).

And, just like what Dr. P saw over the weekend, only my roots showed up Red.

I totally forgot that 4 weeks ago, I dyed my hair Black. (Oh, it was a mess) - You can't really apply any dark-shade dyes on a black-dyed hair.

So, under the lights, my hair would glow with a settle red tint... From the roots area. (More like, I had red scalp)

Then, I found a little packet of 'Hair Color Remover' at a local Beauty Shop.

I bought it, along with the cream developer....

After I got home, and waited until the female love bird left the apartment... I started my hair-color-removal process.

And let me tell you, it HURTS.

Yep. Whatever that chemical was, my scalp was on fire.

But I wanted to get rid of the dark red color on my hair... So I waited 30 minutes.... Until the pain sent me to the shower.

I rinse. I dried. And I looked into the mirror.


Instead of a clean looking silky smooth sleekly hair... I saw myself with ORANGE roots.

(This picture is actually darker than the real thing. My hair was Orange. Orange, as in, O R A N G E.)

I was a treasure troll. And I couldn't go to work like that.

Worst yet, the female love bird returned just as I stepped out of the restroom.

"HI WAYNE. I'm Backkkkkk."


I ran into my room, and grabbed my Revlon High Dimensions Hair Color (Natural Black - See, I bought one for the situation like this) and ran back into the restroom.

"I'm in the Restroom. Toilet."


I pull out the latex gloves, twisted the developer bottle open, poured the dye, shook the damn thing and squeeze them all on to my head.

Then I remember that I forgot to apply Protein Jelly around my hair lines... (It protects your hair line from being "COLORED" by the dye)

I sat on the toilet, fighting the scalp pain from peroxide and ammonia... And waited 15 minutes... Until I re-do the rinse-wash-towel dry routine...

Yes. The Black is back. BUT... I got cow spots on my forehead.

I scrubbed and washed and scrubbed.

But none of that did the trick.

The next day, the black dye remained on my forehead.

I had to comb my hair down (bangs) to cover up the spots.

But the hair color was great. It left my hair feeling much softer compare to that freakin' Hair Remover.

Do I feel like a Revlon model? No. But I sure can go to work.


Thank you, Guru, for your generous input on this little incident of mine.

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