Saturday, July 03, 2004

Wayne's Fireworks Story

The fabulous Markie wrote about his 4th of July tale...

I was really young back then. Let me see... I was... Uh... 7 years old.

Yeah, I was 7.

Even though it was only 6:28 PM, the skies have already started to darken.

Looking at the left over "Fairy Wands" from previous night's fireworks celebration, I asked Mom if I can go out and play.

I didn't get to play with the "Fairy Wands" last night, because other boys and I were playing the "Masculine" fireworks (shooters, the big bang thingy, etc) ... My sister and other girls had fun playing with the sparkle wands.

"Too late. And we are going to have dinner soon."

I begged and begged and begged.

"Ask your sister to go with you."

I shook my head.

"It's too dark outside. After dinner, we all go together."

I shook my head.

I wanted to be alone. I wanted to play with my magic wand by myself.

"Okay. 15 minutes. Be back in 15 minutes. And don't go too far away."

I nodded.

"And be very very very careful. Okay?"

I took out the little bag of "Fairy Wands" and went out.

There are a lot of people walking on the street and I didn't want them to see me, a boy, playing with the "Fairy Wands"...

So I ventured forth and started to walk away from the street lights.

More lights, more people. Less lights, less people.

Then I came to a very dark parking lot... No street lights... Totally dark... I couldn't even see my own fingers.

Perfect for the "Fairy Wand," I thought. The darker the better.

I opened the plastic bag and pull out a "Fairy Wand" then...

I discovered that I didn't have a lighter.

I put the wand back into the back and started to run back... I didn't want the 15 minutes to end without doing anything.

All of the sudden, my body was in mid-air... As if, someone had lift me up the ground...


The joy of being air-born ended with a huge impact on my face.

My chest, pressed against the ground and my arms spread wide...

Pulling myself up the ground, I reached back... And felt something cold.

Chain. Dark black Chain.

Fighting the pain, I slowly walk back home. I was afraid that mom will yelled at me for not listening to her... She had proved me wrong.

"Excuse me, What time is it?" Someone asked from behind.

I turned and look at the man.

In his eyes, I saw fear.

He was freaking out.

"Uh...." He stared at me.

I look at my watch.

"Almost 7"

"Uh... Thank you."

He turned and speeds away.

I guess I wasn't looking at my best at the moment.

Slowly, I walked up the stair...

Then rang the door bell...

Mom opened the door.

"Ah, what happened?"

"I tripped."

"Hurry, Come in!"

She pulled me into the house and sat me down on the chair.

Dad came out of the kitchen.

"Ah, go go go go, go to bathroom and wash off the blood."

Blood? I wasn't sure what he was talking about.

Mom, firmly holding my hand and lead me to the bathroom.

In the mirror, I saw my face.

My nose and chin were covered with blood. The skin has been severely damaged...

But I didn't cry.

Then Dad came in with a bottle of Peroxide Solution...

Shortly after, I was in tears.

For what I feared the most, never happened. Mom never mentioned a word on her warning before I left the house. She knew that I've learned my lesson.

And that was the last time I ever went Fire-working alone.

So, what's the moral of the story? Have your fairy wings spread open wide at ALL time! You never know when you will need them!! (Fireworks are not only the source of danger, gotta be careful out there!)

Happy 4th of July.

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