Monday, June 14, 2004

Life Update

Okay, so I fixed the video. Tired of downloading encoders, I decided to make it into a flash movie.

Anyway - So I have been kinda out-of-the-space last week. Haven't really had the time and energy to catch with the bloggy world and write some entries.
Well, here is an update on what's going on with my life.

#1 - New Apartment.

My room is a mess. Been so busy and lazy to clean things up. *sigh* Maybe this weekend... I'll do something about it.

#2 - The Job.

As the company policy. I am required to stay within the current (old) department for 30 calendar days before transferring to the new group.
But the thing is --- The BIG BIG (old) Boss stopped talking to me. Whenever I bumped into her in the hallway, I'd get a fake smile from her.
I mean, that's fine. But she sent chills up my crotch. Which, it wasn't too good of a feeling to have. (Its worst than having crabs chewing on the root of the public hair) Aside from that, my Project Manager was dropped from one of my projects...
And I didn't even had the slightest glue until my Florida Manager called and sorta mentioned it.
If she was dropped from the project, then why am I still working on it?
I have no clue. I don't even know what's going on anymore.

And - oh yeah, my New Boss also mentioned, that he has came to an agreement, that I will have to stay an extra week at the old place and finish up the project.

Gee, Joy.

#3 - The Side Jobs.

I took up two web design jobs. (MONEY MONEY I NEED MONEY) This, both of them pretty much occupied my time during the night.
Mentally, I'm exhausted... One thing I like about it, is that I like doing the fun graphics and animation... But having to meet Client's deadline and expectation was stressful. I would get 3-5 emails an hour... Just with the client's "Oh, by the way, can You change... Oh, by the way, I want that..." --- Gotta have patience for this kinda of work.

#4 - The Other Job.

Well, I missed my audition yesterday. I copied down the wrong address... And then was traveling all over the city...
And then went to the wrong place, and then get back to the right route... The casting crew waited an hour and twenty minutes for me... Then they had to leave.
*Sigh* Is this my fate?

#5 - The Hair

After a chaotic hair-hi-lightening experience, the top center of my head is now, officially Yellowish Red. (I call it the Kappa Dish) The rest of my hair remained black. Because I have tried to cover-the dish-spot up with another hair color on the same day... I totally damaged my hair. As of Saturday, my hair has been falling like snow flakes... They got thinner and thinner...

#6 - Paw

He's cute as ever. I want to jump him right here, right now.

#7 - The Yogo Dog

Uh... I miss him already.

#8 - You

Stay tuned. :) I'm going to write about my High School Prom next!!

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