Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Prom Night - 1996

I can't believe it has been THAT long... My High School Prom Night.

It was very difficult to see it as a Good Experience... Or that Night no one can forget. (Unlike the stereotype, No. I wasn't looking forward to get laid or f**k an apple pie)

Nerd. Was probably the best word to describe myself during my High School years. (Despite that my HS Year Book was filled with the word: "Fairy") I was a nerdy little midget-size kid who had 34" waist. I had the biggest pants (Thanks Dad) - that when the wind blows, the thighs of the pants would flip-flop back and worth.

"Who's that kid with the Big Butt?"

"That's Wayne! Shhhhhhh!"


So I wasn't much of a popular pretty type back then. But still, the talk of the last Prom of the year was all over the school.

"Wayne, you going to the Prom?"

"Huh? No."

"Why Not?"

"Me, going by myself? No way."

"Ask someone out!"

"Like, Who?"

"I don't know."


"Just go and have fun!"


I wasn't into Parties during that period. As a matter of fact, I wanted to avoid all types of interaction with people. I was very insecure about my own sexuality, and didn't want anyone to get the idea of me being gay. (Yep. I wasn't feeling too good in my own skin)

Then the rumor started.

"I think Wayne is GAY."


"Remember the FAIRY?"

"Oh Yeah. He's gay alright."


"Never seen him with a girl."


Bothered... I finally made the biggest decision at that time of the year... I asked a total stranger from my Chemistry Class out to the Prom. (She's Asian, around 5'8", very quiet and smart... And unfortunately... I completely forgot her name...*duck*)

I hardly know her. Another reason why I asked her to the prom was that friends told me she has wanted to go... But no one would ask her...

I guess we were in the same boat. One, wanted to go, yet couldn't find a date. The other, didn't want to go, but had to find someone so he can be 'straight' --- Isn't it like an episode of your favorite Day time soap?

So, the night finally came. I didn't give much thought about what to wear... I just wore my Tux (Yes. I had a Tuxedo of my own, tie the little bow-tie below my neck and went out to the front door and wait for my ride.

Car-Pool, of course. I mean, we didn't feel like renting a limo for the night. (Okay, we were poor) Two other pairs are coming over to pick me and my date up.

***Skips the waiting part***

So she finally came out of her house, all prepared and dressed all nice in a silk lavender purple tinted dress.

Her Dad, smiling from the front door, waved at me.

***Skips the Dinner part***

After I paid for both of us, the rest of us left the ultra expensive over-rated restaurant and proceed to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Then, all of us, squeezed tight against each other in the van and drove to the Hotel where the Prom is held.

Upon arrival, we decided to park the van else where... The valet parking was very expensive for us poor students to afford. So, we parked the van 3 blocks down and walked to the Hotel.

I have never been to a party... Seeing all the people dressed up, looking clean and professional was a bit intimidating for me.

Didn't know what to do, the two of us followed the rest of the couples around... Then eventually, we stopped at the Prom Picture Booth.

PROM PICTURES. Oh, how can I forget about this? This is the ritual and tradition that all Prom-goers have to do.

Ms. Date: "Let's take Prom Pictures."

Wayne: "Ah...?" (And to leave Evidence that I actually came to the PROM?)

Ms. Date: "Why not?"

Wayne: "Sure."

So we waited in line.

And waited.

Then when it was our term... We both stood within the area where the photographer marked with masking tape.

We stood side by side.

I looked at the camera, thought..."OH my... Does that mean, I have to marry her? Will people think that she's my GIRLfriend?!"

"You guys are acting like strangers. Stand closer to each other. Come on, don't be shy."

She is a stranger, damn it. I thought.

"Hold her right hand with your left."

OH SH*T. I have to touch her. I thought again.

Then I reach out and hold her hand in my left palm.

There was a slight shiver coming from her side... She was nervous...

And I realize that she also felt the same way... She hardly knows me... She came, because she wanted to come to her first and last Prom in High School.

Hold her hand, I forced a smile on my face.

I couldn't let her down... And let myself down.

It was awkward.

For me and her.

But we've got to make the best out of the night.

Our first and last Prom.


Photo was taken.

And we were done.



Jeff was with his Sister, Tonia, her Date, and His date. They waved and signaled at us to join them at the lobby.

"Jeff, who's your date?"


"Who's that?"

"Someone from the Band."

"Oh, I didn't know you have a girl..."

"OH, I kinda like her. Bu it's not like we're dating or anything. We're just friends."

Join the club, my friend.

Then Annie and her date came, and then Steven and his long term girl friend came and then Vanessa and her date and more and more and more...

A bunch of us, clogged up the lobby area like a giant Poo-ball stuck in the toilet drain.

"Wayne, I can't believe you are here!!"

"Wayne, you brought a date!!!"

"Wayne, you look nice!!!"

"Wayne, Wow!! You are at the Prom!!!"

Behind my cold-flat face, I had the grin of victory. I have accomplished my goal. People acknowledge my present at the Prom with a GIRL.

Die, Rumor. Die!!

Then Vanessa suggested that we head to the dance floor.

Like the giant Poo-ball that just been flushed down the drain, all of us rushed into the dance floor.

The Dance floor was HOT.

There were a *LOT* of people.

People's body heat turned the room into a tropical rain forest.

So Hot and Humid.

There were a lot of pretty girls.

There were a lot of pretty guys.

There were a lot of girls wearing strap-less gowns.

There were a lot of girls showing a lot of skin.

And because it was so hot and humid and everyone was sweating...

I couldn't help it but to notice the strong musky body odor that have been attacking my nose-nerves at the point when I step onto the dance floor.

I mean, Hello? Deodorants Anyone?

There were booths outside giving out product samples... And how come no one ever thought about Deodorant samples?

So the dance floor was hell. I couldn't bear to stand in there...

"Let's go"


"Wait, I have to go to the bathroom."

"We'll meet you outside."

Ah, Men's Room!!

As I opened the door... A strange SWEET scent rushed up my nose and sent my mind out to the space. In a split second, I felt dizzy and couldn't hold my breath...


I struggled and walked out of the pathway... Holding my nose with my right hand, I squeezed my body through wet bodies around me... And met up with my friends (and my date) at the front yard.

"Guys, people in the bathroom are..."

"Yes we know."

They nodded their head in agreement.

Then we just chilled at the front, and chatted the night away.

3 hours after, the Prom ended, and everyone fled out of the Hotel and flooded the entrance.

Men were with their Chicks.

Girls were with their studs.

Some of them seemed Drunk. Most of them were stoned. And only few decent people were able to walk out with nicely groomed attire and sweat-free hair.

We, the Carpool gang stayed at the front until the traffic smoothed out.

I looked over at Ms. Date... And she looked back.



"By the way, My Dad's coming to pick me up."

"Ah? You are not going to Carpooling with us?"

Then, few minutes after, her Dad drove up.

Smiling at me as he opened the passenger door...

Ms. Date stepped in and waved at us.

Then they took off.

In my head, I thought..."Gee, you actually think I'm planning score with your Daughter tonight?"


Now thinking back, I wasn't really a good date. I basically used her to prove the rumors wrong. (Uh, well, yeah. Who knew I became a Queen in College?)
She, on the other hand, probably was expecting some sort of a fairy-tale-like Prom. But instead of giving her the prom of her dream (I couldn't act it out, I haven't found the actress in me at the time) - I went with her as a complete stranger, and remained a stranger though out the year. (We didn't talk to each other in class after the Prom. Like, it never happened.) I was really an @$$.

I sure hope and wish that she has found the Prince (or Princess, you never knew) of her dream and living the best out of her life right now.

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