Monday, June 07, 2004

The Full-Day - Part II

Not remember exactly how long I have been walking, I soon arrived at the end of the railroad.

No, I haven't arrived at my station yet. The walk-able road next to the track has ended. Where the railroad continued on - on top of a bridge.

Without giving a choice, I walked down into the neighborhood next to the rail road. Through the large pine trees, I made my way to the side walk.

Everything's so quiet...

From the corner of my eye, I saw some thing moving. Quickly, I turn my head toward the direction of the movement... And saw someone running from one house into the yard of the opposing house.

If I can see him, he can see me too.

I didn't even felt the need to analyze what that person was up to. My mind was filled with ways in keeping myself safe at night. With as little exposure as possible.

I quickly walked behind a parked Mini-Van, and waited a few seconds.

This is stupid. I think too much.

I may have over reacted to what I saw... It was probably just some scandalous affair between the neighbors... Really none of my business.

Picking up my steps, I continued marching forward. I couldn't see the railroad from down the hill, but I managed to maintain my center of direction. (Believe me, for those who know me... I have absolute no sense of direction)

There were some cars drove passed me. Some maintained their speed, some slowed down.

At 2 in the morning, this neighbor sure was packed with a lot of action. With each slowing or stopping car near me, I would walk faster and away from the open road.

Please... Don't rob me... I only have $20 bucks in my wallet...

I'd never thought walking could be this stressful.

Through twists and turns, I made my way out of the neighborhood and out onto the open street.

"Great, where am I?"

Without stopping my feet (never know what will sneak up on you when you acted clueless) - I continued to walk...

The chilly wind thrust though my thin black jacket. I wrapped my arms around my body to keep my tummy warm. (Well, for some reason, my fat didn't seem to be blocking the chill)

With every step, I constantly reminded myself how mean of a B*tch I can be... And I was very tough, and mean, and mean mean mean mean mean! Who ever wants to rob me, I'll turn him/her into dust. (Or Kitty Litter)

I walked pass another bridge, though a small dark plaza... Passed by some shops... A closed Gas Station... Some Church...

Then all of the sudden... I saw...

"BUFFET!!! JAPANESE BUFFET!!!!!" My heart pumps with excitement.

Yes. I finally saw something I recognize. It was the Japanese Restaurant that gave me the extra 3 lbs...


I walked along the pathway to the Buffet Restaurant, the more familiar I was with the area.

I have arrived... The town that's next to MY town.

Great. More walking.

But at least, I didn't have to worry about getting lost. Fighting the burning sensation on my toes, I happily glides though the shopping mall and onto the main traffic road.

There were lots of cars. Early in the morning. I wondered exactly where these people are going...(Home? Or...?!)

After a fun fat-burning speed walk session, I walked into another neighborhood... The one that I remembered to be the short cut to my apartment.

This neighborhood is darker compare to the others. Probably because of the limited street lamps available.

There were couple guys hanging out in front of a closed cafe.


I knew they were waiters, because of their attire. They were finally off work.

I continued my journey until I reached an area where no shops were around.

I was alone.

Well, I thought I was.

As I was approaching the rail road intersection... I saw a man (5'8, 175lbs, Latino looking, around mid 30's), walking toward my direction... From a distance.

Like a two-way street traffic. I stayed on the right side of my path.. And he stayed on his side as well.

I shifted my big ole' back to my behind... Carefully kept my eyes on the man.

He got closer.

Then I heard some noise.

The man made some weird noise. As if, he was talking to himself.

OH MY GAWD, He’s DRUNK!! I panicked.

Then his head gradually turned toward me.


My heart started to pump faster... In my head, I started to picture what would happen if he attacked me. What if he has a knife... A Gun, maybe, or just using his powerful fists..

But I must show no fear.

Without stopping, I continued to walk forward.

And he continued to walk toward my way.

And closer...

Why is he looking at me?

Just when I was trying to maintain my posture... HE TOOK A STEP TOWARD ME!!!

At that point, my chest was filled with flaming acid... My heart stopped and I felt burning in my throat.

I stopped.

Eyes wide opened, I glared at him.

After the 3rd step, the man stopped.




Penis. That is where I will strike first.

Remembered what Mom taught me in the past, the pubic area is the best place to land my full-force thrust kick.

I stood motionless and kept my focus on his crotch area.

That's where I'll strike!! That's my target!!

Come on, you bastard!! One step closer I'll break your eggies!!!

I hissed in my mind as I watch the man held up his hand.

"Excuse me, is that XXXXXX Road?"


"Uh, *ahem* YES. That's the XXXXXX Road." I replied as manly as I could.

"Thank you." - Then he walked pass me.

I speed up my paste just to make sure that I kept myself a good distance from him.

Then after I accidentally walked past my apartment and had to walk around the block again, I finally made it home.

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