Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Sweetest Things

Even though I was on a very short vacation and a very tight schedule - I was able to meet the famous Mr. HappySad and his sugar honey cake @ a restaurant in LA.

Yoohoo! He loves yooou!

As I finally found my way, and parked my car, and then walked down the street toward the Restaurant... (Alec spot me first - I was going to do my special Sneak Attack) The two men turned around and....


I felt like I was in some teeth whitening gel commercial.

The two men spread the edge of their lips as wide as they can; exposing those pearl whites that sent dashing sparks into my eyes.

Thank gawd that I have endured the peroxide torture on my tongue for the past 4 days... My teeth weren’t at their yellow-est state. (I'd never expect to find effective Teeth Whitening System at a 99 cents store - Oh wait, I think it's one of those high-end products that expired)

Greeting with smile, I proudly displayed my semi-yellow-yet-some-what-white teeth.

Robert and Alec look exactly like how they looked in the photos.

There was a lot of smiling going on.

Then we head into the restaurant.

*** Skips the food ordering part ***

First of all, that man eats like a Bird.

I mean, who orders a cup of SOUP for DINNER? I mean, with my tank-size bowl of salad next to his tiny cup of soup... He made me felt like a freaking starved Oinky Piggy. (I guess next time we hang out, I'm going to have a Tic-Tac for dinner)

We chatted and chatted and chatted and then went to their apartment for more chatting. (Gosh, they are so FUN!)

One of the most surprising things, about visiting their apartment, is that... I get to see their baby pictures.

No one, had ever, shown me their baby pictures. (I burnt mine, of course. I couldn't handle seeing myself during my nerdy era)

So that was very cool.

Then I get to see Robert's big long bugs.

And the empty tank.

And dead bugs (Butterflies).

And Ancient Chinese Advertisement Poster.

And another Ancient Chinese Advertisement Poster (Chinese Tic-Tac).

Damn, I've walked into a mini museum!

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cool!!!

Robert and Alec are so cute and adorable, those totally made me wanna take them out to Central Park and watch them running on the grass field, giggling, laughing, chasing after each other and enjoying the Sun. I would throw the little tennis ball over and watch them chase after it... The one that caught the ball will get special doggie treats from me, and then...

Ack, What am I writing?!

Before I fainted on the sofa, Robert took me back to my car. I remember that we were still talking... But I think I was mumbling and blah-ed words out of my mouth without going though my brain first. My brain was fried. I was soooo tired. (I didn't get much rest over the vacation. Been traveling a lot... Plus the 3 hour difference in mental clock)

But it was a fabulous night. Simply Fabulous.

The night ended on a great note. It was truly a pleasure meeting the two fabulous men. And, I'm looking forward for our next meeting. (We've gotta go shopping next time! --- At Sephora, of course.)

Quote of the Night

Robert: "How much do you weight?"

Wayne: "162lbs."

Robert: "You weight more than me."

And that phrase echoed in my head for at least 10 times.

Robert is taller and I weight MORE than him.

Okay, so he's on the soup-diet. I got it.

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