Monday, May 17, 2004

Train. Train. Rock with It.

The sound of body rubbing against the door sent waves of electric shocks up my neck.

I wondered, if this hardcore action would alarm the passengers on the train.

There wasn't much room to do anything crazy in the small LIRR restroom. Aside from the disgusting scent of human waste and blue chemical fluids, people had been secretly taking a smoking break and left cigarette buds all over the place.

I gasped silently as I felt the train 'jumped' over some rough tracks.

"Oh Yeah..." I heard him moan.

Embarrassed, I lowered my head.

I wondered... If the any of the passengers heard the sound of love making.

The moaning and rubbing and throbbing...

Then all of the sudden, loud knocks on the bathroom door made my heart jump.

The knock continued.

And again.

And again.

And again.

I turned my body and...

Saw the bathroom door was opened slowly. A woman in a light blue dress stepped out. Holding hands, she dragged a man in his mid 30's out of the restroom.

The train conductor said something to the two Mile-High-On-the-Train-club members and asked them to step into the next cabin.

Face red. The two of them stumbled their way though the door.

I look over at other passengers.

They all had the sly grin on their face.

Just like mine.

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