Wednesday, May 19, 2004

At the Noodle Shop

Paw: "Anything is fine. I'm not that hungry."

Wayne: "Want Noodle?"

Paw: "Sure."

Wayne: "Okay, I've been to this noodle place twice. I like the food here."

Paw: "Ok."

Paw and Wayne walked in.

Cleverly, with his fingers, Wayne displays the Peace sign. "Two, please."

The Waitress nodded her head and then lead the two to a near by table.

While browsing though the menu, Paw started to talk about his work.

Paw: "And then...."

Wayne: "Hrm, this seems good..."

Paw: "And Also that..."

Wayne: "Wanna try scallion buns?"

Paw: "No. Thanks. And then today she..."

Wayne: "Let's decide on what to order first. Then we have plently of time to diss your boss and my boss. Yeah?"

Paw: "... Uh, so what do you want to eat?"

Wayne: "Well..."

Then Wayne gives Paw the dirtiest look that will make all dogs howling like crazy.

Wayne: "You *KNOW* exactly *WHAT* I Want!" *wink* *wink* *wink*

Paw: *Blank Stare*

Then gradually, Paw shifted his face to the side and looked down. The edge of his lips curls up toward his cheek.

He's shy, yet he likes it when I flirt.

Then the waitress came to the table. "Ready?"

Wayne: "I'll take the plain beef noodle."

Paw: "Rice. This one."

Wayne: "No Noodle?"

Paw: "Feel like eating rice today."

Wayne: "Anything else?"

Paw: "If you want to eat more, go ahead and order. But I can't really eat much."

Wayne: "Oh okay. That's it. Thank you."

Sometimes, little movements like that really made my heart skip a beat. It has been 11 months since we first met, and my feeling toward him hasn’t change a bit. I think I'm going Wakka Wakka for Wakka!

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