Thursday, May 13, 2004

Friendship no more?

"I hope you are not ignoring me the way you are to *****. If so, I would like to know why."

That was the only thing I wrote in an email I sent to a close friend of mine.

There were three of us, met in College, where we shared all the pains, joy, drama and more drama together. We've been each other's band-aid, always available to help and heal. As time goes on, we have gone separate ways. One moved back home in Los Angels, one stayed in San Diego and myself, moved to New York. It has only been over a year since the move... Things have already gone sour.

I suppose, things got started when ##### felt that he was used by *****, and how ***** treats him differently than how he treats me. That, I know for a fact. For some reason, ***** treats me with caution... And with, a certain degree of respect. (Cause he knows that I can and I will bite his head off if he pisses me off) ##### felt he's being taking advantaged of...


To make long story short, ##### recently moved to a new location, where his home phone number and cell phone number were no longer active.

This issue had been going on for a while already - Last year, I managed to reconnect the two... But I guess sour apples will stay sour... This last time, ##### expressed his anger toward ***** in an email. I simply wrote back and said that if he's really not happy with being around *****, then don't force yourself. If he doesn't want to be friends with ***** anymore (despite all the things we've been though) - he doesn't. I stayed neutral this time. I didn't stand by #####'s side in accusing of *****'s action. Mainly because, ***** treats me differently. I didn't stand by *****'s side, because, I've never experience what ##### went though.

Two weeks ago, ##### decided to draw a line between him and *****. As if, they have hit the end of the friendship road.

For my trip back home at the end of this month, I planned to spend a good amount of time with ##### and ***** (It used to be, I get to hang out with the two of them at the same time. Now, I have to visit each of them separate).

I have written 3 emails to ##### asking for his contact number... But I got no response from him.

I consider ##### to be probably the closest friend that I ever have. And by remaining silent, I'm not sure exactly what is going though his head.


Never mind.

I can't believe how busy this month is. Aside from work... I'm also in the process of moving to the new apartment. Where I'll have my own room. (Of course, the female love bird gets the master bedroom) Dad's flying in this week, to help us with the moving, as well as taking a break from Mom. T, our childhood friend is also in New York this week on a business trip... Next week, the lovely markie and sweet homie are flying into New York... I've gotta find the time to meet the two fabulous men (along with other bloggers that I never had the chance to meet) - And to my surprise, Pero, a dear friend from College is flying to New York to visit his family during the same week... And I have to plan out my entire meet and greet schedules for my trip back home... I'm not sure if I'm going to have the time and energy to... *faints*

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