Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Check, Check, Check Me Out!

As I opened my eyes this morning on the train, I caught the sight of a very handsome man.

He was looking at me.

Probably in his late 20's. Dark brown hair, green eyes. Fair skin with a little rough edge around the chin. Tall, slender, and fit. I see this guy every morning when I get on the train. But we were never in the same cabin... He liked the 3rd cabin. I, on the other hand, prefer either the first or the second cabin. Probably due to the high death-rate of being in the first 2 cabins of the train, there are plenty of seats for me to choose from.

Whenever I walk pass him on the platform, he would ignore my presence. I, on the hand, would lower my head in shyness.

But today, the arrival of the mini-short train forced us to sit in the same cabin. I sat on the opposite side of the cabin, directly at his direction.

Again, like a rocking chair, I was quickly asleep under the spell of the rocking train.

As the train stopped at the station, it alarmed my mental clock. Automatically, I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me. Directly at me.

Was he trying to wake me up from my morning nap?

He turned his head as he walked out of the door.

I looked down.

And saw drool spot ALL over my tie.


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