Monday, April 05, 2004

Late Night Cooking

So I got this Multi-Vitamin, "One-A-Day Weight Smart Dietary Supplement" - Since I have been trying really hard to loose my big belly tummy.

Well, it sure increased my metabolism hollah-hella-hola.

For example, 2 hours after my heavy meal.... I'd go to the bathroom....

For the last 3 days, I have been going to the bathroom (toilet) 3 times a day. That's like, a lot of dumping, you know.

Kinda scared me. But this nifty vitamin really help digesting my food at this amazing speed.




After all the food had been absorbed by my mighty tummy... I get HUNGRY again.

So, I have been eating multiple times a day, going to bathroom multiple times a day...

My weight, didn't change how-so-ever, instead, my tummy got stretched from all the food I have been eating. I have never felt so 'hungry' before....

I just couldn't control the hunger!! It's so... Powerful! So... Strong! And Big! And totally....

So, last night, at 11:50 PM - the hunger was so intense, I had to crawl off my bed, and made myself some fried rice in the kitchen and finished the whole plate in 20 minutes.


I'm gonna stop taking this Weight Smart thingy for a while...

*whacks the tummy and let it vibrates*

Off from her blog, I found out about the OkCupid! test - and here is my result.

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