Thursday, April 29, 2004

Changing Body

Okay, I'm gonna cry. I knew that I shouldn't have ate those FRIED chicken... But I did. Now, I have this BIG Ole' Zit on my forehead.

See how sensitive that my skin is?

As I get older, I developed more problems... I remember when I was 8 years old, I had no problem eat and chewing and sucking and licking the nice ripped Mangos... But then, at age 10, my skin started to react to Mangos... Whenever I eat Mango, parts of my skin would turn red and develop rash... Which, sent me screaming for my life.

In High School, my aunt bought me a bag of Dried Mangos. (Kinda like the dried Pineapple rings, but has that unique sour flavor) Being a digger for dried fruits, I dug the bag out and slide a piece of the dried mango in my mouth. 20 minutes after, I was rolling down the carpet itching all over.

In College, where I was in my health nut phase, smoothies was one of my daily must-have's. So, one day, I decided to try one of the Naked Juice's Super Green Machine Smoothie... During my Japanese session, I couldn't stop scratching myself... I was itching' all over.... Then I took a closer look at the ingredient label on the smoothie bottle... and found "Mango Puree" - That was the day, where I developed the habit of reading Nutrition Facts and Ingredients labels.

Same thing to bug bites. Whenever a mosquito sucked the blood out of my skin, the bug bite will turned into a big dripping rash... That takes weeks to heal... And 80% of the time, will leave the ugly nasty scar on my ex-delicate fragile skin. (That is why mosquitoes are my number 1 enemy)

Sigh, it's tough to be a Princess.

Two weeks ago, I went to an Animal Shelter with Fanny and K... For cats. Since Fanny wants to adopt a kitty. Just a clarification, I LOVE Animals. (ALPACA ALPACA!) I went in, and went to the kitty room with them... The cats were adorable. Especially the alpha-male cat they put in a separate room. (I have a thing for the Outcasts) Mean, cold, and aggressive looking, the cat looked back at me fearlessly though the glass door. (What a manly Cat! What a turn on! But puss, you better watch your claws, cause if your attitude gets on my nerves, I'd knock you right off your throne with my shoe) It was not until 10 minutes after I entered the room... My nose started to run. (No, running nose, I mean.) Then my eyes started to blink.

"Are you okay?" The girl who was watching over the cats said to me. Then she suggested me to go out side and breath some fresh air....

For the next couple of days, my nose would not stop running. (Maybe it thought it's on some kind of marathon) - Even after I put on a new pair of contact lenses... My eyes would still feel sensitive... and watery...

I've never been like this before. I have hugged, squeezed and smooched numerous of cats in the past.

What have become of me?

I wonder, if I'll have an allergic reaction to my dog? (Yoga Yoga!) I guess I'll have to wait until next month to find out!

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