Friday, April 30, 2004

Bag of Smiles

On my way back on the Train, I saw a woman, sitting on the chair holding a bag on her lap.

The smile on her face showned that her day was as fine as a piece of Raoul Bova's a$$.

It was quite obvious that the bag is from the Sesame Street store. (I haven't seen on in New York yet...) Because the bag was covered with pictures of the moppets (Cookie Monster, Elmo, Ernie, Zoe and the Big Bird!) And they were all smiling.

Made me smile too.

Sometimes, little thing like that makes my smile.

Maybe it was the fact that I had a very tough day at work and over-worked my brain... It was good for me, to think like a kid again. (Ah... Stress & Wrinkle Free...)

Hiding the smile that I had (so other passengers would not thing I was insane) - I wondered what she bought.

Maybe it was for her kids. Yes.

The woman looked as if she's in her early 30's. And I won't be surprised if she has more than 1 kid. (I know people who has 3 kids at age of 25!)

Maybe it's her baby girl's Birthday.

But what kind of toy for girls would require such a big bag? From what I observed... The bag was stuffed... Something big and large is in there.

Maybe it's for her son.

Then it would make sense. Because from the shape of the bag, she probably bought him a race car.

Race Car? Sesame Street Race Car?!

Wait, it never exists. I mean, Sesame Street stuff tends to be very light-hearted and educational.

Maybe she got him Sesame Street learning center.

Yes. Her BABY boy is young and should start learning alphabets.

Then in my head, scenes from various Christmas movies and TV shows popped up...

The boy opened up the nice wrapped box, pull the Sesame Street Learning Center out, screaming in joy. Pressed the button, and heard "A, is for APPLE!" coming out from the tiny speaker buried deeply in Elmo's throat. He jumped and laughed and runs up to his mom and gives her a hug.

"Mommy, I love you."

"Baby, I love you too."

They embraced each other and followed by lots of muahz.

Ah, things like that made me jealous sometimes. It must be nice to have kids. My doggie (YOGA YOGA!), would never come up to me and give me a bear hug. (I have to chase after him, knock him down, and then pick him up to give him my ultra squeezy smoochy hug)


"This Station is...."

The train stopped after it pulled up to the station platform.

I stood up. And among other passengers, I walked toward the door...

As I walked right pass her, I took a peek in the woman's bag.

Then I saw...


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