Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Blogging & Blogger

Ever since I started blogging... I wasn't expecting to have people reading my entry from time to time.

As quoted from Mr. Happysad in his email "Sometimes I have to remind myself: "Who am I writing this for now?" For me, it's like a daily inspirational thingy... "


For me it was more of a diary, where one day... I can look back and re-live my experience in New York. (What? Does that mean I will not stay in New York for the rest of my life?!)

Ever since I moved to New York, I was determined to move back to California whenever a new job opportunity strike my M-spot. (M=Money) I started blogging, to keep my mind from digging in the memories of California. Family, Friends and Places that I've been to and had great experiences... Aside from my sister (AKA The Female Love Bird), I basically didn't know anyone in New York.

Blog, for me, is a temporary 'rest area' from reality. Where I can express myself, and reflect the great experiences I have from the past - and present.

I have to admit, I don't have the greatest memory in the world... And sometimes, there are memories that have long been forgotten... Yet once in a while, they would pop up to say "Hello" - Before they went hiding again... I want to capture some of them and have them written some where.... Some where that I can constantly remind myself that they have happened in my life. Blog seems to be my best solution.

Reading other people's blog, also opened my third eye.... To see into other people's life and share their experience. And, from that, I have learned *so* much... So much about life, family and love. (Some Lust too)

Pua, sent me the very first email that I've ever gotten from a reader... Wondering if everything was alright on my side of the world... Since I haven't blogged for a while (was taking sometime off).... Surprised, that someone who I have never met in person would care about me.

Then gradually, I would get emails from Brenda, Bruce, Desiree and many others... Aside from the nifty Comment dialogue box on the blog, emails were found in my inbox.

Instead of being the "entertainer" on the internet... I can actually interact with other performers.... And become friends.

Yes, Friends.

When I started my blog, I wasn't looking for friends. I was only 'performing' for myself... In case that I ran out of my Gingko Biloba tablets... I still have something that I can use to remember things that happened to me.

But everything have changed.

Jesse, who caught me on the Long Island Railroad, is the first "Blog Commentator" ever, that I've met and talked in real life. It was a wall-cracking experience for me... Because it was a totally different feeling talking to someone without logging on the internet.

Before the anniversary of WaterSea's Ocean Bloggie... Another mile stone will be marked.

I'm actually going to MORE Bloggers in person... Sooner than I expected. (Penguin Princess, Chako and PA001, you guys don't count. Heh-Heh. I know you guys way before I read your blogs) Aside from Homer and Markie's trip to New York next month, and my skankly-planned secret meeting (We gonna go buy Barbie's) with Robert.... Then Sushil in June... And for this week...Dr. P will probably be the 3rd blogger that I'll meet in person. (Oh, my FIRST & Second are Queen Akasha and her brother, Poo Juice Mark - They are all related to Penguin Princess)

Amazing, isn't it?

I think we should all go Karaoke on day. Hrm, Blogaraoke?

Eye Candy of the Day

Wow, what a pretty Alpaca! Look at those lashes... Is that Maybelline? Maybe she's born with it!

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