Thursday, April 22, 2004

Beauty Queen V: Sun-Kiss Me! DIY!

Paris Hilton, Charlize Theron, Beyonce Knowles, Sandra Bullock, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears... They all have ONE thing in common at the recent Award show.

They were all SUN KISSED. Displayed fabulous shining healthy glow, these Bronze goddess proudly flash their gorgeous ORANGE-tanned skin.

Orange, is in. It is the trend now.

Using myself, as the white mouse, for the past 2 weeks, I have experiment all sorts of products on myself and massive researches... To discover the way to be a Bronze Goddess during Spring and Summer. (J'Lo, you better watch out, cause Way'Lo's coming!)

Can't afford or too scared to go to Tanning Salon?

Well, there are many Sunless-Tanning lotions available at local drug stores and Malls.

As for myself, I have used Bath and Body Work's Tan-Do-Attitude Sunless Tanning Foam, Neutrogena Tanning Lotion + Bronzer, L'Oreal Self-Tanning Bronzer and Yves Rocher's Cap Soleil Hydra Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion.

(See, now you know why I ended up looking like an Orange Zebra)

No matter what brand of product you get, STICK with the same product when you 'COLOR' your body.

But, without sacrificing myself, I won't be able to give you guys all the tips in a successful Orange tan!

STEP ONE, Preparation.

Some of you probably didn?t know, that the preparation of using Sunless Tanning Products took place 3 days earlier. (Especially for those people with dry skin) For all three days, remember to use body lotion after you take shower... And totally condition your skin. Make sure that enough moisture is available to make your skin as smooth as a baby's butt.

On the day of the actual Tanning, you will have to use Body Scrub to exfoliate your skin in the shower. This will ensure that the Orange tan will not end up on dead skins, which will end up discoloration. Exfoliating will ensure a better - and even coverage.

After shower, DRY yourself. Please please plase, no Wet Spots. Also, apply a thick salve-like cream to especially dry parts like elbows, knees and hands and let it soak in to soften skin. Self-tanner will "grab" on especially dry areas and look unnatural, so get those areas softened before proceeding. (I would apply thin layer of body lotion all ovah... So moisture is even distributed)

STEP TWO, Application - Body

Wait at least 20 minutes until the lotion has been absorbed into your body, and the surface of the skin is dry.

Whether it's spray, cream or gel, the key is to work quickly and evenly. Cover a single area all at once. If you're doing a leg, do it all (Thigh, Knee, and lower leg) at once!

Work evenly, please. And I'm sure you know what will happened if you missed a spot or over-done it at a particular area.

I found Tanning Foam and Spray dries much faster compare to that of the lotion. On the plus side, is that you don't have to wait TOO long before getting dressed. The down side is, if you don't rub in the tan fast enough... You will end up looking like American Cheese. (With dark orange po-ka-dots)

My first experiment was with the Tan-Do-Attitude Tanning Foam. I really liked it. But... I should have put my contact lenses on while I was applying them...

Also, be careful with your knees, elbows, and chest area... These are the areas that are 'dryer' then the rest of your body... Too much tanning lotion in these area will make you into Cheddar Cheese. (Dark orange dots)

STEP THREE - Wash Your Hands.

Wash your hands frequently. You have no idea how nasty these orange dyes can ruin your perfectly fine nails... And made your palm as orangy as Pumpkin skin.

STEP FOUR - Application - Face

OK, I'm a moron. Since FACE is THE most important part on a Princess... I had to use a better self-tanning product. Especially, the ones with extra benefits. (For example, L'Oreal Self-Tanning Lotion for Face contains Vitamin E) I used Cap Soleil ANTI-WRINKLE 3-n-1 Self Tanner on my face.

When applying the Tanning Cream (yep. This one is cream-based) on your face, make sure you are only applying THIN layer on top of your fragile skin.
Unless, you are going for a deeper tan.

I don't recommend using Tanning SPRAY or FOAM on the face... The Spray can easily murder your eyes, and the FOAM dries too fast before you have the chance to blend it evenly on your face.

Mixed a little Tanning cream with your usual EYE cream... and apply around your eye contour area. (Unless you are going for the Orange-Panda look)

Be careful around your eye brows and hairline... If you got any tanning cream stuck at the root of your hair... Once it is dried, it will look like you have dark brown 'outlines' around your eye brows.

STEP FIVE - The Fun Part.

After you are done... WASH YOUR HANDS....and DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING! You will have to isolate yourself from ANYTHING... No Chair, No Clothes, and Completed NAKED... for a LEAST two hours. (I waited 3 hours, and still stained my jammie with Orange fairy dust)

The tan would usually stay from 3 - 5 days. I find the tanning lotions tend to leave a longer than on the body.

STEP SIX - Keep the Tan!

Since the Orange Tan only last a couple of days, re-applying the application is necessary. However, I strongly recommend that either you wait until either all the tan has fade out... Or blend the tanning lotion up with some body lotion. Why? Since the tan usually doesn't fade out evenly, by reapplying the full concentrated tanning lotion on top of 'darker' area will ensure you a fabulous tiger-like pattern.

The tan on the face fades faster than other body parts. Due to the fact that face is constantly exposed to the out door and washed often. So, you may have to replay face tanning lotion more often than your body. (Don't forget to blend up the neck, ear, and the back of your neck area)

STEP SEVEN - Un-Orange Zebra!

This is what I call the Correction Process. After over-dosed my body with various Self-Tanners, I ended up being a cross breed of an Orange Zebra and Lizard. The magical pattern on my skin was too early for Halloween. I had to get rid of it.

The thing is, the tan is extremely difficult to get rid of. (Be careful of what product you use... Some products.... The tan does not fade out evenly!!)

To remove the unwanted leopard pattern from my THIGH (ahem, yeah, I tanned my butt) and the rest of my body, I...

First, I took a good 20 minutes bath. This softens the skin. (Used Bath Salt or Bath Bubble Gel if necessary)

Then after that, I used gentle body scrub to exfoliate my body. (Rub yourself in circular motion - You've gotta know how to rub yourself the right way!)

After washing the scrubbies off my body, I took my regular shower.... Using my spongy, I added some shower gel, and rubbed on! I ended up rubbing myself really hard, my skin turned red!! (Oye!)

That's it, after drying yourself up, you will noticed that the tan has been dramatically reduced. (not removed.) --- To remove the tan, you will have to repeat the painful correction process again on another day.

Remember to apply moisture lotion after your shower.

So, that's it, everyone. To Chemically enhance your body with the lovely ORANGE tan, you know what to do now.

I will write about how to enhance your skin with healthy pretty J'Lo Glow using none-self-tanning products in the next chapter. (Better for the ladies who wants the healthy glow or already have darker skin complexion)

Oh yeah, always check for ONLINE reviews before you go out to buy a product.

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