Monday, April 26, 2004

You make me Wet

You make me wet, baby, so fast!

Which was exactly what I said to my pair of boots (the same one I wore during snow days) this morning, when I made my way out to the train station.

Even after I borough them back from the shoe-repair, even with the new heels, they have once again, failed my high expectation.


Though the pouring rain, soaked wet from waist to toe (and sock), I dragged my limp legs onto the train. For the first time in over a year, I stepped into a cart where it made no differences if I'm in or outside of the cabin. The rain leaked though the ceiling and down on the seats.

Oh Gawd. I don't want to wet my butt.

So I escaped into another cart.

Oh Sh*t. This Train is f**ked Up.

Even in the next cart, I saw people walking around searching for dry seats to sat on.

With my little umbrella in my hand, I cat-walked down to the last seat in the corner, and placed my semi-dry butt on the dry-dry seat.


Every stop, each Railroad Station was packed with people in dark rain coats and dark umbrellas. They would marched in with the anticipation of sheltering from the rain, yet ended up cursing like there's no tomorrow.

Damn it! What kind of sh*tty train is this?! F**k this!

Then they started to look for dry seats to settle down.


I reached into my bag and took out a metal-beaded chain. I carefully tied my railroad pass on it and wore the chain like a necklace. I leaned back and closed my eyes, knowing that the conductor will not rudely wake me up from my morning nap.

The leaking train continued to travel forth until it arrived at it's final destination.

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