Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Ah-zzzz, Push It! Push It!

Another subway tale unfolds the beginning of another stressful working day.

For some reason, there were a lot of people this morning... I had to watch the passenger-filled subway train scroll away in front of my face.... TWICE. It is amazing how some people can totally squeezed themselves into the tinniest space... Even if their face are pressed against another person's armpit.

When the third train arrived at the station, I charged forward full speed and managed to squeeze my body in-between the door and an old man.

The old man is around 5'6" - He stood at my chest level. Feeling uncomfortable of having a man breathing against my chest (breasts), I twisted my upper body to let the old man breath my shoulder.

For about 9 minutes of riding time, the train arrived at MY stop.

I stepped out of the train and proceed to the stair.

A Lady was in front of me. Her floral patterned skirt really reminded me that Spring has arrived.

I walked up the stairs following her rhythm, and finally reached the top.

The lady walk toward the gate.

Note: At certain subway stations, you have to pass though a circular revolving gate to exit. These gates are old, rusty and never been washed. People have to push the gate to move forward.

A gentleman in suit, was already pushing the gate forward.

All of the sudden, the lady speed-walked and managed to get behind the man.

As soon as the gentleman walked out, the movement of the gate stopped.

The lady was in the middle section of the revolving gate.

She stood there with her arms crossed.

I took several steps back, to see what exactly was she up to.

From the way that she looked, it seems she was waiting for someone to push the gate from behind, so she didn't have to touch the bars.

To live up my title as a mischievous nymph, I planted my feet on the ground, and watch her.

3 seconds had gone by, the lady slowly turned her head and looked behind.

She saw me.

And I gave her the brightest smile that totally dazzled her purple frame eye glasses.

She rolled her eyes at me, then turned her body to push the gate.

When you gotta push, you push, and you push it really good!

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