Monday, May 03, 2004

Beauty Queen VI: GLOW!

Oops, I was going to blog about my encounter with this amazing woman. But, as I have promised before... The installation of the next Beauty Queen Series. - GLOW -

I consider this part II of the previous series, on the Self-Tanning Products. Since, after doing extensive research on Hollywood's Beauty Secrets... I have came to the conclusion: To completed the J'Lo bronze glowing effect, on top of the chemically treated skin... There's a need to apply a sheer glow to make the skin looked natural and yummy looking. Some of the stuff I'll write about, also applies to people with pale-life less skin... Or just want some radiant effect on the face or body.


I find these products more helpful for the people with dry skin than that of oily & combination. For me, for example, I have combination skin... And using products that enhance the 'glowing' effect will usually made my face looked as if it's covered with grease.

Yves Rocher's Pro-Retinol 100% Vegetal Eye Cream is probably the *ONLY* glowing product that I use on my face. Since I usually wake up with tired dark eye saggies... I needed something that will help to illuminate the dark circles. The tiny light-reflective particles emits a beautiful rosey-glow around my eyes... Without making me look as if I have eye shadows. Other similar products include Neutrogena's Radiance Boost Eye Cream and Olay's Total Effect Eye Transforming Cream.


Along with Yves Rocher's Pro-Retinol series, there's also the 3D Radiance Energizer Day Cream, works pretty much the same as the eye cream, but formulated for face. (For those of you who prefer products with Sun block, then try the Self-Defense Day Shield) This lotion should be applied under the makeup’s (for the ladies).

Nivea Visage Simply Glowing Day Cream is a new line of product by Nivea, which also gives your skin SLIGHT glow (if you don't want to over-do it).

If Drugstore products are not your thang, then you can always check out Estee Lauder's LightSource Transforming Moisture Lotion SPF 15. Which, does an amazing job in illuminating the face and gives it a very healthy glow.

For a darker shade of skin tone (without Sun), bronzer has to be the key. Prescriptive Sunsheen Bronzing Gel is less greasy compare to other cream/lotion - based products. Jane Cosmetics' Powder Bronzer can be used after the basic foundation have been applied on face. Donna Karen’s Cashmere Mist Body Bronzer is good for body and face.

The Powders

Aside from the moisturizers, the ladies have to use some shimmering or bronze power to even out the tones on the face.

Stila's All Over Shimmer Powder has been some Star's favorite product. It comes in many different shades.... Which you can apply either on your face, chest, or your body. Especially for a chemical tanned skin, a sheer glaze of this powder will "COVER UP" the little tiny tanned skin pores.

For ladies who wants to cover a large area of their body (Chest, shoulder, arms and legs) - instead of using the tiny powder paddie, we would use the brush. (Can be use on face as well) Lola's Sprinkle Me Shimmer Powder Brush is one of the common brand that can be found in local drugstores. Or, you can purchase any brush and then get the powder separately. Becca and Mac have amazing shimmering products. Dirty Girl is also another rare-find brand that offers unique products. (They only have sheer shimmer powders, but great for people without any tan) L'Oreal On The Loose Shimmering Powder is cheaper compare to other brands, so when you apply it on your body, your wallet won't bleed to death.

The loose powder for face are good for both Day and Night.

*Hint* Apply some body lotion before you brush on the powders. The lotion will to keep the powder on your body for a longer period of time.


There are plenty of glitter or shimmer gel/lotions that contains large-visible-size glitters. (I over-used some of those during Halloween) - One thing we have to remember, is the large-size glitter only looks good at night. During the day time, the blast from the Sun will out-shine the pathetic little plastic thing.

For great all-body coverage, Nevia's Silky Shimmer Lotion is great. Especially it has two shades!! (A dark shade-shimmered was made for people like ME!) As for a more natural shade and high-end product, I have read rage review on Ellen Lange's Velvet and Scott Barnes' Body Bling.

*Hint* Not all major Hollywood Mega Stars have flaw-less beautiful legs. Most of them, applied foundation (for face) over their legs. Since we all know that foundations comes in all shades (and some with glitter!) - they can do lot of magic in transforming you into the next Jessica Simpson. (Ahem, whom, I read, that her make up artist mixed Gold, Bronze and Pink Shimmer Powders in baby oil to give her the glowing skin - I'm not quite sure about that, because I have found Baby Oil to be the most greasy thing I have ever put on my skin.)

So, what's there for the GUYS to use? --- Nothing. Unless you want to walk down the street looking like her. (Whom, has foundation ALL over her body)

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