Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Dip It, Dip It Good

When I was young (ahem, yeah, like, last Century), I have always been a spoiled brat.

Aside from wearing name brands or fine material clothes, my Princess-to-be attitude was climbing up the chart. At age of 9, I was really developing my diva aura.

In a mid-late-afternoon kinda day, my family and I were walking down the street...

"Where do we want to Dinner?" Asked Dad.

"Up to you." said Mom.

I, on the other way, was careless... Because I was over-distracted by the new pair of nude-color leather shoes I had on. It was the day that I test drive my new shoes. They were soft and shining... Maybe it was just me, but whenever I have new clothes on, an unknown power would possessed me and give me tremendous of pride.

I was walking with my chest up, chin up and nose pointing at the sky.

I was fabulous, darling.

Sister: "I think we should go eat at Feng-Fong-Yuan."

Mom: "Then we'll have to drive."

Dad: "How about Dong-Liu?"

Mom: "I don't like that place."

Sister: "Xiao-Mi-Si-Fang place."

Dad: "How about seafood?"

Wayne: "I don't want seafood."

Mom: "What do you want?"


My body shifted as my right leg sank into the ground...

Dad, Mom and Sister all turned at look at my direction.

I reached my left hand out and grabbed onto Dad's shirt.

Then, I felt the bottom of my right foot landed on a flat surface. The falling stopped. My leg was longer than I expected. (I was a midget)

The cooling sensation wrapped around my legs as the sewer water soaked though pants.



"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...." I screamed again.

Knowing that I have stepped into a open sewer upset me even more. (Whoever was working or fishing in the sewer, never put the damn lid back on)

The black slippery liquid, filled with larva, parasites and human dump sent chills though my body.

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...." tears burst out of my eye sags as I struggled to get out of the sewer pot.

With a single pull, my Dad dragged me out of the sewer.

Soaked in tears, I looked down at my one ex-new clean shining shoe... Now it's covered with unknown mixed color liquid-like stuff....

"Waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." I let out another battle cry.

Then Mom came to me, grabbed my arm and said..."Stop crying. Let's go home and change."

I nodded then... Follow the parents home.... At the same time, giggles from the Sister made me want to dig a hole and bury my face in it. (Earth-Facial, heard it before?)

Before we went up to the apartment, Mom asked me to take off my pants.

"Let's get rid of those. We don't want to carry dirty stuff into our home."

So, I took off my shoes, pants and UNDERWEAR and tossed them in the garbage bin.

Then I walked up the stairs.

I was Wasteful, SPOILED and semi-NAKED!!!

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