Monday, March 01, 2004

This Past Weekend

Ever since that Chinese Soap I saw, I like Hu Jun more than ever. (I just looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the character he portrayed in that TV series) It is funny, that I used to find him totally unattractive... See how a good role in a film can make you an Idol?

I have heard of Hu Jun way before I saw the TV Series. He got his fame from an award winning gay film released in the year 2001-2002. Lan Yu, is the title of the movie. My gay (Asian) friends had recommend me to see that movie... But I never did. Mainly for the fact, that I felt uncomfortable having a GAY video tape laying around at home waiting to be discovered by the female love bird.

On Friday, I did search for Hu Jun's pictures... And I landed at Lan Yu's official website. After browsing a few links (at work, I know, gutsy!) - I learned more about the film. It turned out, the story is based on the internet novel, "Beijing Story", written in the 1980's. Clicking though the links, I found a link where I can download the original novel off the net. (Chinese only) --- So I did. I downloaded them, and printed all of them out using the company paper. (Muhahahahaha...) - On my way back home, I read the first 6 chapters of the novel.

And - Oh My Gawd. This "Beijing Story" should be called "Sex Sex Sex Gay Sex Sex Sex" instead. It was more like an erotica with plot than anything I expected it to be. Every 2 pages, there would be a scene of Man-On-Man action. This continued to chapter 17, until the story got more intense and interesting. (There were more sex involved in the rest of the chapters, but the focus was emphasized more on the tension between the main characters)

At night, laying in my bed, I read the rest of the story.... My body became more tense and my breath became heavier... (Please kiddies, just because I'm laying in my bed, that doesn't mean I was doing anything naughty. It will take more than just an erotica to turn me on, baby. I'm a very physical person.) The more the story unfolds the nature of the two main characters and the things going on between them, the more scared I am. My body trembled with fear as I flip page by page...

Without spoiling the story... Let's just say I cried my heart out at the end of chapter 32. (Thank gawd the love birds were out on a date) It was not only the ending that drove me to tears... But also how closely the characters resemble Paw and I.


Paw and I.

Not that Paw is a super rich business man or I am an innocent College student with the ultra lean body (Hrm, that would be nice though)... It was what the two characters believes... choice of life and characteristic, that reminded me of how we (Paw and I) are.

I was so gawd damn bothered over the weekend. Still sadden by the movie, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't concentrate, I couldn't do anything. My mind was filled all sorts of emotions...

On Sunday, I had to get my ass out of the apartment. So I did. Wondered aimlessly in China town... Still bothered by the movie... And everything else.

So... That was it. My weekend.


As an Update ---- I found the script of the movie too... Wahhhhhhhhhhhh...Wahhh...SO Sad~~

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