Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The Chocolate Bandit

This event took place last Friday.

I was waiting at the corner with the Female Love Bird.... Waiting for the Male Love Bird to come and pick us up...

For some reason, near the place where I work, there have been having a lot of African American guys (High School age, I assume) running around with a box of M&M chocolates in their hand. Constantly, stopping people on the street and ask if they want to support their Basketball team by purchasing a bag of M&M.

We just happened to be standing at the most 'busy' corner.

A guy in red hat approached me.

"Sir, we are doing a fund raiser for our Basketball team. Would you like to support us..."

I raised my head. "Sorry, but I don't eat chocolates." ($2.00 for a bag of M&M is a bit too much. Besides, I have seen them harassing people walking by.)

He came close.

"Please Sir. We are trying really hard..."

"No. I don' t eat chocolates. I don't like chocolates."

"Please Sir!" He glare at me.

"I have no use of a bag of M&M." I replied.

He stepped forward.

"Can you just buy a bag of M&M? I'd be really appreciated." He said firmly.

"Wayne, let's go." said the Female Love Bird.

I took a step forward.

Then he stepped in-between us.

With his back facing my sister, he waved his left hand, almost slammed in the Female Love Bird's face.

"Shut up." He said.

He blocked me with his right hand.

He firmly looked into my eyes, and asked the same question.

To support his team.

"Excuse Me." I said coldly.

He repeated himself again, while pushed me a little with his right hand.

"Didn't you hear what I said? I said EXCUSE me." - I walked forward and brushed him to the side.

As soon as I walked pass him, he went around, to where the Female Love Bird was standing.

"Get out of my way." she said.

He stood up toward her, and said loudly. "F*ck, you want to start something, huh?"

"My boyfriend is a Cop. You better watch out." She warned him. (And of course, the Male Love Bird is not a Cop.)

"So what?!"

"Let's go." I walked in between them and proceed to the other side with my sister.

He went away and bugged another unfortunate walk-pass-by-er.

The Female Love Bird and I waited for the Male Love Bird at the other side of the street.

Within 3 seconds, the guy in the red hat came in front of me and asked me to buy the chocolate again.

"No." I look at him.

He asked me the question again.

"No." I said calmly.

He stood there for a sec.

Then he turned away and proceed to his next target.

I turned to the Female Love Bird...."I don't think he will bother us anymore."

It was at that moment, I heard a girl yelled..."F*cker! What the f*ck did you do that for?!"

An Asian girl, who was half way up the street, turned her head facing the red hat guy.

Her friend, a fellow Asian girl asked. "What happened?!"

"The Mother F*cker grabbed my butt!"

The other Asian girl turned to the red hat guy (who was, attacking other people with the box of chocolate) and yelled. "YOU F*CKING A$$Hole!! DAMN YOU F*CKING A$$HOLE!!!"

The Female Love Bird turned to me.

"Wow, Wayne, they are so aggressive."

"Yep. These Asian girls are definitely native New Yorkers."

Note: There are more than one bandits on that street corner. Or else, I would have push him onto the ground, slam my bag (with face + hair products) in his face and crack his eggies with high-speed foot stomps.

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