Sunday, August 03, 2003

Image of the Day

Here I posted the original photo that I used to create the animated image. (See below)

Photo edited with Adobe Photoshop.

And I applied the following to the image:

Render Lighting Effect - Give the image the Purple to Black lighting.

Smart Blur - Smooth the surface of the image. Including the lines that were on my face. But you can still see a bit of the sagging skin, around the neck area. Instead of applying a lot of light on the face to cover up lines, this is another popular effect people use to smooth out the skin surface.

Black Color Brush: Regular black color brush that I used to cover up th underwear part of my lower body. So, it looks like I was wearing a black pants. (No, I have saggie ass and I will never post it on the internet. I don't have the heart to blind the innocent.)

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