Friday, August 01, 2003

In Dah Club

it is the time for another blast from the past. Just earlier in the morning today, I was commenting on Crash’s blog. I was typing and typing and typing… and then all of the sudden. This word strike my innocent mind.


Yes. Sexual. (Li Da Di Li Da Di Li Da Di Da Li Da Di...)

And this meaningful word brought back a memory that I had, that should have been forgotten… Yet, still hiding somewhere in my head.

The year was 1999. On a Sunday evening in San Diego.

Hillcrest, to be specific. The renown gay block in San Diego.

I was inside of Rich’s, one of the most popular gay clubs in the area. Hanging out with my best friend Duckie. Like always, we go inside of the club before 9:00pm. Since, its FREE before 9:00… We’d do ANYTHING for free stuff. I mean, personally, I won’t go as far as what he would do for FREE stuff. But going into a dance club with no entrance fee has always been a great deal for me.

But, who goes into a dance club early in the evening? Other than cheap bags like us. So, there we were, sitting in the corner, watching the lights spinning around the room. The DJ on the 2nd floor, spinning.

“Duckie, 2 more hours.” As I look down on the empty dance floor.

“You can go dance now. No one will push you around. Plenty of room.”

“Why don’t you go first?”

“I don’t feel like dancing right now. Let’s get something to drink.”

“Foo, you know I don’t drink… At least, in the club.”

“Suit yourself.”

I watched Duckie head over to the bar. Ordered a glass of whatever you call it. And came back.

“Want some?”

“No, thank you.”

“It’s good. Heats your body up.”

“I got enough flames, thank you.”

Duckie sipped his drink while checking out the guys that are in the club. (What, what guys. There were only 15 of us. Us 2, 3 bar tenders, 2 bar backs, 1 DJs, 2 bar tenders in the front, and 5 strangers who are just as cheap like us. Standing on the side like a couple of wallflowers.)

“Okay, it’s close to nine. People should be coming in now.”

“Wayne, you must be bored.”

“Well, what do you think?”

“Checking out guys?”

“I’m just here to dance. Nothing more. Why? What are you thinking?”


The number of people in the club increased, as the time went by.

Around 10:00pm, Duckie and I were dancing on the dance floor.

He waved his arms in the arm and does his awesome ‘walking’ moves.

I shake my ass while I spin around in both directions. Like a flamingo dancer.

The music was tight and the crowds were great.

Then I saw a woman, in her mid 30’s, with long blond hair, rubbing her face against on of the GoGo Dancer’s belly.

“DUCKIE! Did you see that?!”

“Oh, Hot mama!”

The that woman walked away from the GoGo Dancer and moved toward an Asian boy in the corner.

She reached her hand out to grope that boy’s crotch.

The Asian boy jumped up. Walked away.

Then the woman moved to the next guy. Wrapped her arm around his waist, leaned her head to that guy’s ear. She whispered something to him.

I saw that guy shook his head.

Then the woman walked to the new guy next to him.

She pressed both of her palms against the new guy’s chest, leaned forward and said something.

The new guy giggled. Seemed to be enjoying the attention. But same thing, he said something and moved away from her.

Like she was going in circles. She touched, grope, squeeze, rub against the men in the club.

“Wayne! Did you see that? She grabbed that dude’s ass!”

“Thank god that ain’t my ass”

“Duckie! She’s at 2 O’Clock.”

“Don’t worry!”

“Duckie! She’s at 12 O’Clock!”

“Duckie! She’s coming our way!”


Then she arrived.

Grabbed Duckie’s waist and pulled him close to her.

She extended her hand and rub Duckie’s chest.

Duckie smiled.

Then she said:

“You know, I’m bisexual.”

Duckie: “Uh, okay.”

“And I’m very SEXUAL!!”

Duckie shook his head. Smiled, Then moved out of her way.

Then I saw her looking at me.

She started to wiggle her way toward my direction.

She looked at me in the eyes… And I felt her fire… Her horniness….

She reached her arms forward…

I stopped dancing. I stood there, still.

I glare at her.

“F**K off! Don’t you dare touch me. I don’t like to be touched!”

And there she went, reached and wrapped her arms around the poor victim dancing 2 feet away from me.

Just exactly how many guys she touched that night? I don’t know. Did she ever got lucky? I don’t know.

But she sure was SEXUAL that night.

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