Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I feel love

Believe me. When you know that there is someone sharing the same room, even if you thought you are relaxed, mentally, you are not.

At least, that is my case. As I have briefly mentioned, that the male love bird stayed over at our place for three days. I shouldn’t complain much. After all, he rescued my sister and I from sleeping on the streets.

Anyway, on Saturday, the female love bird had to go to one of her Grad. School friend’s farewell party. It was the absolute last time she will ever get to see him. So, the male love bird drove his jeep and took my sister and I to New Jersey. (She had to convinced him to go. After all, most of her friends didn’t know that the male love bird exists)

So, we went.

***Skips the part about shopping in Mitsuwa Market Place.***

***Skips the part where the two love birds start to arguing over what happened on Thursday***

“You know what? When we walk, we look forward. We don’t always with our head turn to the back. What happened has already happened. Once is enough. Okay? Why don’t you just drop it and move on?” I said to the male love bird.

Then there was silence.

I thought we had this discussion already, over whose fault is it. I said to him already, the problem is caused by a combination of lack of communication, miscommunication, and misunderstanding. My sister was wrong for not waiting at the hotel. But she didn’t know he would part 40 minutes away from the lobby. But this dude, argh. Seriously, I wanted to strangle him so bad. He kept on mentioning it over and over and over again. Exactly what he said to me over the phone on Thursday. He won’t let it go. He didn’t want to. I mean, what the hell is going on with him. (At age of 34, he was acting very immature.)

Anyway, we have arrived at the her friend’s house.

“Ah, we are going to meet up with the others at Lin’s Szechuan and Taiwanese restaurant.”

So we did.

Upon arriving the ever-so-over-rated restaurant, I immediately felt a chill thrusting into my chest.

I sense a pair of sharp lustful eyes from the 2 o’clock direction.

I turned.

And I saw her.

She was looking at me.

It was the exact same way that she looked at me 5 months ago, when I want to the social gathering with my sister.

It was the exact same why that she looked at me, last year, when I first met her at the BBQ party.

I looked away.

“Uh, oh my gawd.” I said to myself.

Then I went off to greet the others.

We waited for about 20 minutes, before they were able to put together a table for 13 people. We all walked into the restaurant and start picking the seat to sit.

I had the urge of going to the restroom, so, I went.

After I got out of the restroom, walked over to the table.

I saw my seat.

The only empty chair left, that was waiting for my ass to sit on top of it, is located right next to my sister’s friend’s mother.

Yes. Her mother.

Out of 13 people at the table, she is the only ‘mother’ there. Mixed in with kids. She has been tagging along with my sister’s friend to almost every single event. Including her honeymoon. (Yeah. I know. It’s weird. Don’t ask, cause I don’t know the details.)

So, I sat down. And she looked at me again.

“Hi Wayne. You gained weight.”

“Oh, really? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

“Oh, good of course. The more the better.”

“Thank you.”

Then I turned away.

The male love bird sat next to me, on the other side. Who, I didn’t feel like talking with. So, I start to sip my tea. Keep myself busy.

The night was pretty fun in a way. Even though I’m not close with my sister’s friends, I enjoyed their jokes and conversation with each other. And every couple minutes, the mom would whisper to me.

“So, how is work?”

- Pretty busy. I have been quite stressed at work for the last couple weeks.

“Were you scared during the blackout?”

-Not at all. But I was tired.

“So, how much do you earn at your job?”

-Not enough.

“Oh, your sister has very nice hair style. Do you go to the same salon?”

-Yes. Salon Mariam. Flushing. Saturday, asking for Ling. She’s really good.

“How much?”

-12 bucks for men. Wash, cut and blow dry.

“My daughter is looking very pretty, isn’t she?”

-She always look good. (Not as good as my sister though)

“So, do you have a girlfriend?

-No. Eventually I will move back to California. I don’t think I can have a girlfriend here. (Well, if we are talking about boyfriend, then that would be a different story. I’ll stay in NY for my sweet heart) Why? Are you going to introduce me to someone?

“So, what do you do at work?”




The thing is, she leaned awfully close to me when she popped her questions. Almost touching my right shoulder.

Just like my past experiences with her. She would sometimes ‘accidentally’ bumped into me from behind, or grab my hand and touch my back and brushes her arms against my thigh.

During the dinner, my best friend Danni called. I grabbed the cell phone out of my pocket and dashed out of the restaurant. I spent a good 40 minutes outside, away from the wacky environment.

After dinner, we all decided to go see SWAT. (Oh my gawd, it was an awfully long movie… Awful.)

In the male love bird’s jeep. I popped the question.

“Did you guys know that XXX’s mom has been checking me out through out the entire night?”

Male love bird said “Yeah. I noticed. She must really like you.”

Then my sister said, “Oh, ever since she saw my brother at the BBQ party, she has been all over him.”

Male love bird, “Uh, is it like, looking after you as an elderly? Kinda watch out for you and guide you… Or is it a Mrs. Robinson kinda way?”

My sister and I said at the same time.

Mrs. Robinson!”

“Tripping’ man. I mean, you sure?” The male love bird freaked.

Then my sister put on her Oscar winning performance… “Yeah, she touches my brother like this.”

She reached her hand on her boyfriend’s chest and rubs it up and down.

“Hey Wayne~~~ How are You~~~ Ohhhh, You have gotten tallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleerrrrrr….”

Then I reached my hand and place it on his shoulder. Gave it a gentle lustful squeeze.

“Hey Wayne…. Oh myyy, the fabric of your shirt is really nice…. So soft.. So soft…”

“SH*T” screamed the male love bird.

The I said… “At the movie, please don’t let me sit next to her. I mean, Please! I don’t know what will happen in the dark!”

“Nah. She probably won’t tag along. The movie is in English, you know.”

Little did we know. Mrs. Robinson did tag along.

But this time, we had our tactics. We waited for them to head into the theatre first, and see where she sits. Then I sat in the row behind her.

Anyway, the cut the story short. The movie was way too long. I was very tired and had a huge headache. After the movie, we all stayed at the lobby, talking and chatting. (Well, I didn’t join that chat. I was too sick to pretend that I enjoyed their company. I was too tired to put a smile on my face.)

Then there she was. Standing next to her daughter, looking at me from a distance.

I turned away from her glance and walked toward the other side of the lobby.

I was so sick and tired to put on an act.

Besides, it is probably the last time I will ever see her again.

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