Monday, August 18, 2003

The Cow's Inquiry

This morning, I came into work. to find everyone, standing around, talking about the drama that happened last Thursday.
I rushed to my desk, check to see if my CDs are okay. (Yep. I can careless about the rest) The chips got hard. So, I dumped them into the trash. The Michelle came.

"Hey Wayne~"

"Hi Michelle. Good Morning."

"How are you?"

"Pretty good, and You?"

"I'm alright. "

Then we blahed about the blackout.

"Yeah, I walked home to uptown. I was worried about my dog."

"Yeah, I know... So... Michelle, how did Monica got out of the building?"

"Oh, you know what? I completed forgot about her when the blackout strike. Then I called the security and they escorted her and Denise down the elevator."

"The one with backup electricity."

"That's right. Denise couldn't work down the stairs as well....*whisper* Because of her weight."

"Oh, okay."

So, in case of any of you, wondering what happened to Monica, here it is. She's laughing and joking and giggling around this morning. Seems to be in pretty good shaped.

I guess we all enjoyed the 3 days off from work. (We didn't have to go to work on Friday)

Oh, by the way. I played the role of the 3rd Wheel for 3 days in a row. 24/7. - Weeeeeee....

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