Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Paris 2003 – Chapter 9: Things you need to know

Things to remember if you are going to France:

1) The stores usually close around 7:00pm. Shop early!
2) A lot of restaurants close around 8:00pm. Eat early!
3) Ask your Hotel Staff for restaurant recommendation. Believe me, they know which restaurants are open, and menu suitable for visitors.
4) Before booking for a hotel/motel. Remember to check if they have Air Conditioner in the rooms.
5) Pickpockets. They are all over the place. Watch out if you are surrounded by a bunch of kids inside of the subway. You might want to grab onto your wallet tight.
6) If you are into shopping. Go during the month of April, July, August, and December. They don’t really have sales often. But when they do, its usually 50% off on everything. (Including the Gucci, Burberry, Parada – name brand stores)
7) If it is going to be a shopping spree trip, make sure you book your hotel near Gallerie de La Fayette. It’s the fashion/shopping central. Printemps usually have cheaper stuff.
8) SOLDES = Sales. (My sister is a shopping Queen. So, go figure)
9) There are pharmacies all over the place.
10) If you are a non-French resident. Remember, you can get your tax (up to 12%) back. Remember to ask the cashier on how to obtain the pre-tax form., and what you need to do at the airport.

The End

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