Monday, July 28, 2003

Fud place of the Day

Do you like hot dogs? I mean, I have always loved the hot dog stands in New York City. They are so yummy.

However, they are sorta expensive.

Some hot dog stands would sell the hot dog for $1.25 and some are $1.75. I seriously think those are a bit HIGH for a little hot dog.

Anyway, after months and days of walking and researching and eat around the areas near work, I finally found…

The ONE Dollah Hot Dog!!!!!!

At the corner of Pearl Street and Maiden Lane (Downtown New York) – There is this hot dog stand… And the hot dog only cost $1.00! What a deal!!

I mean, if I buy two hot dogs, I’d save 50 cents, and if I buy three hot dogs, I’d save 75 cents… If I buy four hot dogs, I’d save 1 dollar, which, I can use to buy another hot dog.

So, wanna guess what I had for lunch?

Cosi’s Signature Salad!!
(why? You think I had hot dog for lunch today? Heh Heh, I had it yesterday! Actually, 3 of them!!)

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