Tuesday, July 29, 2003

It's Him! It's Him!

I saw THOMAS! It's THOMAS! I mean, I totally recognize this guy!!!

Ahem, I mean, yesterday, as usual, I hopped on the LIRR, the train back home. And guess who sat across from me?


Okay, you are probably thinking... "Who the heck is Thomas K?"

Well, Thomas is the straight guy that needed the make-over on Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - Episode 103.

I mean, I totally recognize his hair, his eyes, his eyebrows, his nose, his lips and... uh, his hair.

Sadly to say, the Fab. Five's magic only worked for him on the day of the show - He has returned back to the original self now. At least, that is what he appeared to be on the train.

Anyway, I saw him. I got excited. I mean. he's not like, Hugh Jackman or anything, but he was on TV, and I got excited over that. (Excited. Not Horny!)

He was reading a book... Probably noticed that I (and maybe other people) recognize him from the TV Show... He kept his focus on the book.

I didn't want to keep my eyes on him all the time, I mean, he's not my type at all. But I can't. I mean, my eye balls just kept on swimming toward his direction... "Wow! Should I ask him for an autograph?!"


I fell asleep.

By the time I woke up, he's gone, along with the cute guy that was sitting behind him. Thomas probably switched to another train at Jamaica station. (Actually, he has to. He lives in Long Beach - Yep, his location is listed on the Bravo website.)

Now I realized that its not that hard to 'bump' into someone on TV... I mean, after all, the show is shot in New York... That means, my Kyan Douglas stalking fantasy can become reality!!

Kyan, you are mine! Muhahahahahahahaahahhaahaha...

So, that was it. My excitement for Monday.

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