Monday, July 28, 2003

Paris 2003 - Chapter 8: Chateau of Versailles

We have everything all planned out. Versailles will be our last stop before heading back to New York. It’s about 1.30 hours of train ride, based on what the Hotel Manager said. It looked pretty far on the map as well. It located outside of the city of Paris.

Some quotes from the reviews at Castles of the World:

"Versailles - too beautiful to really describe. Many beautiful things set in beautiful rooms. The walls and ceilings would be wonderful to see even if there wasn't anything in them! You would really need to spend several days going through the whole place. The palace alone has many wonderful rooms to go through. Then the gardens with the fountains and statues is another great place to see. You really need to spend at least one day here!" - Sharon, 42, from Arkansas.

"Versailles, is a wonderful castle. It is beautiful and awe inspiring. But if you go to see it make sure that you schedule a lot of time to do so. It is large, and you won't want to miss anything. The fountains are great. It took so much water to run all of the fountains in Versailles that they only turned them on when the King went by. Now they run them one day a week. If you want to see them be sure to find out which day." - Katrina, 20, from Matlock Washington.

Chateau of Versailles, is definitely one of the must-see attractions in France.

But we over slept that morning. Didn’t wake up on time to catch the early train... So, we had lunch near the hotel, and then head straight to the airport for our departure.

Hint: Bring your own alarm clock!

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