Friday, July 25, 2003

The Moth and his Fire

Around 10:30pm, on a clear skied Friday night, a moth was wondering around alone.

Something shining, bright attracted his attention - it came from an apartment window.

The moth flew closer to the window and saw the source of the light.

"A Fireplace. A very handsome fireplace."

Suddenly, the moth had an urge of throwing himself against the light.

"I want this light. I want this light to cover my entire body."

"Only this light will give me joy and happiness."

The moth couldn't keep his eyes away from the fire.

"It's so... Beautiful" thought of the Moth.

Then he remembers a story that he heard from a fellow moth. The story about the Fire Dancer.

The moth now fears the fire.

The heat will burn his fur coat.

He might loose his wings, and even, his life.

This attraction is fatal. But the moth couldn't resist.

But just how long does a regular moth get to live in the world?

How many Days? Nights? Weeks? Months?

The moth started to think, he'd rather die in passion than old age.

The moth cannot control his desire anymore.

Life is too short.

He found his way into the house.

He flew pass the clothes hanger, the table, the chair...

He flew across the room toward the fireplace.

The light became brighter, as the temperature increases.

The moth feels the warmth.

"Yes, this is what I expected. So warm and tender."

"I need to get closer. I must."

The moth increased the paste of his swings and his body moved closer to the fire.

Then he saw dead bodies of his own kind.

On the ground, burnt.

"What the..." the moth landed on the ground.

"They are right. I will die."

The moth stood on the edge of the coffee table. Keeping a safe distance from the fire.

"This is not enough. I want more. I want all of it."

"If I can only get closer... without getting burnt..." mummer the moth.

The moth, started to wonder what he should do...

Story inspired by "The Death of the Moth" - Virginia Woolf.

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