Monday, July 21, 2003

Paris 2003 – Chapter 6: Notre Dame

So, we all know about the Notre Dame. Either from the older movie about a hunchback guy, the Disney animated cartoon, or the awesome musical. Norte Dame definitely has its charm and history. That is what drew us to visit this amazing structure, the cathedral, I mean.
Right in front of entrance of Cathedral Norte Damn, there is this huge court yard. People from all over the world gathered there. Relaxing, having lunch, enjoying the sun, or just people watching.
This statue was standing near the center of the court yard:

Yap, as you can see from the above picture, my focus was actually somewhere outside of the statue. There's a reason I didn't zoom in...(GRIN)
Above the entrance of the cathedral, lays the beautifully crafted – window. (Sorry, I’m not sure how to call that specific design of window) –

And here are pictures of the gargoyles around the cathedral.

And a close up:

I guess this gargoyle must be really tired, or very hungry. See that expression? Oh gosh, so painful…

And this one looks bored:

To be quite honest, I find the interior of Notre Dame very similar to St. Patricks in New York City. Well, Notre Damn has more statues… standing around the hall… each with stands of candles in front of them.

To my surprise, I found Ms. Joan of Arc among the statues.
My sister and I bought 3 candles, and placed them around the statues. (I placed mine at Joan of Arc, since she’s the only figure that I can identify)

We stayed at Notre Dame for about 35 minutes. Then we went back to shopping.

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