Friday, July 18, 2003

Eye Candy of the Day

To be really honest, when Ricky Martin first bursts into the US Pop scene. I really hated him. I never had once thought he was good looking for even, worth listening. After numerous replay of his song, and seeing his face all over the place... On TV, poster, post cards, shopping bags and gift wrappers... I was really sick of him.
Then all of the sudden, after the release of his second bombed English album, he disappeared.
I remember the very last time I saw him on TV, was VH1's "Ricky Martin, behind the music."
The funny thing about this episode, is where Ricky started to talk about his career and fame destroyed his LOVE relationship with Rebecca. (And nope, I don't remember her last name) But what is it so funny about it?
Ahem, the entire interview was planned. If you ever seen that episode, you will definitely see, that Ricky and Rebecca planned out how they are going to approach the interviewer's questions. I'm not even sure their interview are filmed separately. Everything matches. One responding to the other the same one. As if, they were reading off of a script. I'm sorry, Ricky, even though you have not confirm about your sexuality to public, but one thing I know for sure. You and Rebecca never had sex. I can see it in her eyes... She's your fag hag, admit it!.
But anyway, my point is. Ricky has released a new album. I start to see his picture here and there (well, not all over the place). And guess what? I found him extremely attractive. (Okay, I'm older now and have gotten more desperate) Now I LUST for him. Oh my gosh. Ricky baby, come come come!

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