Monday, July 21, 2003

My Divas

Do you like Jennifer Lopez? What do you think of her?
Do you like Lil’ Kim? What do you think of her?
Christina Aguilera, what about her?
Britney Spears? Mariah Carey?
What about Whitney?

Let me guess, the firs thing that pops up in your head, is probably… “Bitch'in Skanky Hoes!” (Well, For Whitney, is probably “Queen of Pot”)

And you know what? I used to really hate them. Seriously. Especially for Mariah Carey and Christina. I used to think they are the sluttish hoe bags that I have ever seen in my entire life. - Not until I saw my self in the mirror in drag.

Haha, just kidding

My point is, those names that I listed, are names that I used to feel disgust with. Maybe its their skanky transformation or done something that's just totally wrong. For example, J'Lo, I used to DIG her, until that night she started a bitch fight at Donatella Versace's house with Madonna, I made her my #1 enemy. Then she stole my Ben, became so rich, and so sexy. Gosh, I'm so jealous!! Arrggh... OH wait, I mean. The thing is, no matter what she has become or how I used to hate her... I started to like her a lot. Seriously. Especially after watching VH1's Behind the Music. After seeing all the footage of her past works... Or clips where she worked as a night club dancer to make a living... She really did work hard to reach where she is today. (Work hard, Sleep hard, doesn't matter. As long is its hard)

I start to appreciate the hard work that each artists put in their effort. Christina has produced an incredible album. Even though I only like a few tracks on it, but the effort she made, turning herself away from the bubble-gum enriched pop culture. She really reached out and develop a style of her own. Doesn't matter how scary her makeup can be, or what kind of mess she got her hair into, her craft and her voice will always be genuine. (So, exactly how many hoes.... I mean, holes she has on her body?)

Same with Mariah. I mean, when I first saw her HONEY video, I was like..."Holy Crap, what a hoe bag!" - But you know what? The more I watch her perform, the more I can sense... That she is really happy with herself. I can sense a certain joy that she never had when she was still under the SONY label. She has released her inner (slutty) self... Produced more beautiful music... (ahem, anyone seen Glitter? --- I didn't)

Lil' Kim, I was never into Hip Pop music, or any hard core Rap... But "How Many Licks" really got a hold of me. Whenever I heard that music, I cannot help myself, but to grab onto the nearest pole and start dancing around/against it. I guess she made me feel awfully ghetto fabulous! Haha - That I mean is, underneath her clothes (uh, what clothes?) there is one talented raper that has been raving the hip pop scene since her debut. Some may find the lyrics offensive, some may find the image horrify, but I find her real. She's very real and serious about her craft. She's not afraid to speak up or do what she wants to do. She's not changing herself to fit the public eye. She's doing it all for herself. And her fans. (Yes, Lil' Kim, keep on exposing your bobbies to your 12 years old fan)

Oh, I think I wrote this entry with a bit of sarcasm... But you know what I mean. I really do love them. And I thank them for brining great music to my ears... And encourage me to be a skank as well.

As for Britney, well, the skankier the better. I'd like to see where she end up in the next couple of years.

Ah, what about Whitney? Oh, I didn't write much about her, didn't I? Well, she's losing her voice. What can I say. I just want to thank her for having the courage to release another album. And believe it or not, the album is REALLY good. (Just don't watch her live shows, her performance on Divas 2003 freaked me out.) Gurl, you have one god given awesome voice, you should have taken hella-good care of it.

My final thought is, I use to think that some of them got lucky... But I've never bother to see how much work they have done in the past, to reach what they are today. So I better start sleeping my way to the top.

I'll start with the janitor.

Lesson of the day: Learn to discover and appreciate things that are usually hidden behind the public eye.

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