Thursday, September 13, 2007

Feelin' like - Gimme Gimme

Seriously, I feel like Britney.

No, not the hair, not the two piece bra-top-pantie, not the off beat dance routine... It's the body shape.

(like I said, I thought Britney looked good lookin' nice and curvey)

But I have been battling my middle-age belly for the last couple of weeks. I see no improvements.

Yoga - Checked.

Light Weights - Checked.

Situp and Ab excercise - Checked.

Bellydance - Heck ya.

You might be thinking:

But yeah - I haven't been good about my body. I guess I need to start saving up to see Dr. 90210.

On an additional note - I get to see Robert, Alec and Stu the other day. Robert got skinnier - Alec and Stu looked the same. Like, they never age or something. - Ah, maybe that's what brought me back to this blog... How come I stopped blogging for the last couple weeks?

I've always felt that I had ran out of stuff to blog about. Being in NY for 5 years now, I've seen all there's to see (but haven't slept with all those worthy sleeping with). Work has been pretty - uh - same ole'

Been quite busy though --- I got a dog recently. He's 4 months old now. :)


Jon said...

what kind of doggie? how cute!

james said...

is it the chihuahua from Dog Whisperer? hehe

Eric said...

Congrats on the dog! How come there are no pics of the little fella yet?

Wayne said...

jon: CHIHuaHua!!! (and no. He'll not end up looking like Tinkerbelle Hilton)

james: You're close! He looks like a lighter-shade version of Nunu.

eric: We're working on it. :) I'm thinking about posting a UTube video of him and I!

Robert said...

Believe me, I'm sure my belly is way bigger than yours! Just call me the Master of Illusion! AND I ate way more than you that night, remember! *sigh*

Speaking of, I'm hungry again! Anyway, you look great Wayne! And I always enjoy your company!! heh!

hot-lunch said...

hmm, i hear sex is really good exercise.